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Cross-Connection Control

What is a Cross-Connection?

A cross-connection is any actual or potential physical connection or arrangement between a pipe conveying potable water from the City of Henderson public water system and any non-potable water supply, piping arrangement or equipment through which it is possible to introduce into the City water system any used water, industrial fluid, gas or substance other than the potable water intended to supply the system.

Cross-Connection Control ProgramBackflow Device

The City of Henderson Cross-Connection Control program (CCC) is mandated by the State of Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP).  The City is required to ensure that all commercial water connections are identified, and the City water system is protected from any source of pollution or contamination that may be introduced into the City water system by these commercial water users.  The installation of the proper backflow prevention device or assembly, commensurate with the degree of hazard, is required to be installed at all commercial water connections (domestic, irrigation and fire systems).

The State of Nevada regulations governing CCC program can be found at Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 445A.67185 through 445A.67255 and the CCC ordinances are located in Henderson Municipal Code (HMC) 14.08.


  • Connect to the City’s potable water system unless the connection is properly protected by the required City-approved backflow prevention assembly.
  • Create a cross-connection between the City’s potable water system and any non-potable source unless a City-approved backflow assembly has been installed.  This includes temporary connections to fire hydrants.
  • Conduct any installation, testing, or repair of backflow assemblies in the City of Henderson until completing the process to become a City-authorized tester.


  • Have your backflow assembly tested on an annual basis, or when it is installed, repaired, or replaced, by a City-authorized tester.  Contact CCC for a list of City-authorized test companies.
  • Follow the approved materials and adopted standards for design and construction of water infrastructure within the City of Henderson, including the UDACS 2010, the current City of Henderson UDACS Addendum, HMC 14.08 and NAC 445A.67185 through 445A.67255 when installing a backflow prevention assembly.

Become a City of Henderson Authorized CCC Tester

In order to provide backflow prevention assembly testing services in the City of Henderson, the individual must be authorized by the City’s Department of Utility Services to perform the testing and be in good standing with respect to all required licenses and certifications.  To become a tester in the City of Henderson, an individual must complete the following:

  1. Notify CCC that they wish to become a City-Authorized Tester/Test Company.
  2. Attend an orientation meeting with CCC staff and sign an acknowledgement that they understand the requirements and procedures for testing backflow prevention assemblies and recognize that they are subject to and must comply with all current provisions of HMC 14.08 and related department procedures and relevant regulations;
  3. Hold a current certification from the American Water Works Association or the American Backflow Prevention Association and provide a copy of their certification to the CCC staff;
  4. Hold a City or multi-jurisdictional business license or be employed by a test company;
  5. Be able to perform testing with a test kit and have all other required licenses and certifications.

If the individual meets these requirements, they will be added to the City’s list of authorized testers which the City makes publicly available.

Residential Cross-Connection Control 

Residential homes are protected by backflow protection assemblies and/or devices which prevent non potable water from being drawn back into internal plumbing system.  This would include the irrigation system, sinks, toilets, dishwashers, and outside hose bibs.  The City’s CCC program does not cover residential backflow protection, however CCC may be able to provide general information for homeowners.

Contact CCC

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the CCC Program or the applicable ordinances or requirements, please contact us or submit a Contact Henderson case.

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