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Every single Henderson resident or business can make a difference in conserving water. Sixty percent of the valley's drinking water is used outdoors, primarily to irrigate landscaping. Make sure your irrigation system is functioning properly, water only on your assigned watering day(s), and prevent water waste that happens when water flows off your property. By far the greatest impact you can make on water conservation is to remove any unused turf and replace it with water-efficient landscaping. Every square foot of turf you replace saves an average of 55 gallons of water per year.

Henderson Knows H20 mother and sonOutdoor Water Conservation Tips

  • Check your sprinkler system to make sure it is working properly and not watering walks, driveways or the street
  • Regularly check your sprinkler system for leaks
  • Water your lawn in the early morning to avoid evaporation during the summer; water in the mid-morning during the winter to avoid freezing
  • Water slowly, deeply, thoroughly and infrequently to encourage root growth
  • Use a broom to clean driveways, walks and patios
  • Use a commercial car wash for vehicle washing; the water they use will be recycled
  • Mow your lawn to two inches or more and leave the clippings to provide nutrients and help retain moisture
  • Water trees and shrubs separately; some plants may only need to be watered once or twice a month
  • Aerate regularly and use mulch to reduce evaporation
  • Plant native or desert-adapted grass and water-efficient plants

Tips for Pool Owners

  • Use a pool cover. Evaporation will be reduced by up to 50 percent.
  • Never drain a pool directly into the street or into a septic tank; instead, drain your pool into the sewer system, which will allow the water to be treated and reused rather than wasted
  • Use your sewer clean-out port for water drainage; this is usually located in the front yard
  • If you have a septic tank, call our Customer Care Center at 702-267-5900 for guidance on how to drain your pool

Get Text Reminders

The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) offers customers mobile access to alert notifications over Short Message Service (SMS). Text CONSERVE to 85357 to receive a text message reminding you to change your watering clock when the season changes.

Message and data rates may apply.

To cancel, text STOP to 85357. For assistance, text HELP to 85357.

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