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Water Waste

Preventing water waste is an important part of our community's water conservation efforts, and we appreciate your helping us to identify and correct potential water waste. Many times residents or businesses are unaware that they are wasting water, and will quickly make necessary repairs or changes in their watering habits once they are notified that they are creating water waste.

water_wasteWhat is Water Waste?

Common examples of water waste are:

  • Running a sprinkler system too long, which allows excess water that cannot be absorbed to flow off property
  • Irrigating on the wrong day
  • Irrigating between the hours of 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., May 1 through August 31
  • Draining a swimming pool or spa into the street, rather than the sanitary sewer system where the water can be recycled
  • Not fixing a broken sprinkler head or water leak, such as a broken sprinkler or leaking toilet

Water waste is defined in the Henderson Municipal Code Title 14.14.020.

Report Water Waste

You may anonymously report water waste to the Customer Care Center through Contact Henderson-Conservation/Water Waste or call 702-267-5900.

We need the location, day, time and type of water waste you witnessed in order to open an investigation. We can then assist the responsible resident or business to identify the source of their water waste, and advise them of methods for preventing it in the future.

Water Waste Fines

Customers found in violation of the water waste ordinance may be assessed an administrative fine.

Preventing Water Waste

For help on how to prevent water waste resulting from irrigation runoff, read Know Your H2O: preventing water waste from irrigation runoff.
 Reduce runoff