Utility Services

Utility Services Code & Guidelines

New Development Water and Sewer Standards

The following are links to the approved materials and adopted standards for design and construction of water and sewer infrastructure within the City of Henderson. Civil improvement plans shall adhere to UDACS 2010 and DCSWCS 2019, and the current City of Henderson UDACS Addendum and DCSWCS Addendum.

Henderson Municipal Code Title 14: Utility Services

The Utility Services Code is incorporated into the Henderson Municipal Code (HMC) as Title 14. Title 14 sets forth City responsibilities, authorities, and provisions to meet all federal and state requirements for water and wastewater while protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the City’s residents and users of City provided utilities and services.

Department Service Rules

The Department Service Rules assure uniformity of interpretation and application of the responsibilities, authorities, and provisions included in Title 14. Additionally, this document should be considered as a resource to outline departmental methods, processes, accepted standards, rates, charges and fees as authorized in Title 14. The Service Rules do not replace the Henderson Municipal Code; they are intended to supplement it. For any conflicts, the Henderson Municipal Code takes precedence.

No Lead Brass Requirements

Click here to find out how the "Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act" will limit lead content in waterworks brass.  The law takes effect on January 4, 2014, after which "leaded brass" will be illegal.