Utility Services

Violations and Administrative Fines

An administrative fine system is in place to ensure compliance with the City of Henderson's water conservation ordinance. The following steps outline the violation and administrative fine process.

  • Upon initial discovery of a violation of the water conservation ordinance, the City will extend a warning notice in the form of a door hanger or flag placed on the property; or the property owner/manager will be notified by phone or mail.
  • If a second violation occurs within 18 months, a violation letter will be issued and a fine assessed.
  • If the violation is not corrected, additional violation letters will be issued and fines will continue to be assessed. Failure to correct the violation could escalate to include the issuance of a misdemeanor citation or termination of service, or both.
  • Violations are cumulative within an 18 month period. Violations for improper draining of pools or spas are cumulative within a 36 month period.

Administrative Fines

Customers in violation of the conservation ordinance will be assessed an administrative fine according to the following table. The majority of Henderson residential customers are served by a water meter that is 1 inch or less.

Meter Size      1st Violation  2nd Violation   3rd Violation 4th Violation   5th Violation
1 inch or less $40  $80  $160  $320  $640
more than 1 inch up to 3 inches $160  $320  $640  $1,280  $2,560
3 inches or greater $320  $640  $1,280  $2,560  $2,560

Reconsideration Process

All requests for reconsideration of administrative fines must be submitted in writing and must be filed with the City of Henderson Department of Utility Services within 30 days. Written requests for reconsideration may be submitted by email to waterwaste@cityofhenderson.com, by fax to (702) 267-5901, or by mail to the following address.

City of Henderson
Department of Utility Services
PO Box 95050, MSC 125
Henderson, NV 89009-5050

A response shall be rendered within 30 days of receipt of the request for reconsideration. Such decision shall be deemed to be the final administrative action on the request for reconsideration.