Special Programs And Services

Work Program FAQs


The Judge put me on the Work Program now what do I do?

  • Report to the lower level of the City of Henderson Justice Facility, 243 Water Street.
  • Follow the sign to Special Programs and Services on the 1st floor.

     The City of Henderson Work Program:

  • All the locations for work will be in the City of Henderson.
  • You MUST follow the instructions of the Work Program Coordinators.
  • You MUST work at least one shift (four or five hours) EVERY week (but you may do more than that if you wish).
  • You will be assigned a Work Program ID with your enrollment payment.
  • You will call 702-267-1224 for the work locations
  • The work hours are subject to change, but are generally:

    • Tuesday Through Friday, 7:00 am to 12:00 pm
    • Sunday, 7:00 am to 12:00 pm
    • Monday, by appointment only
  • You must be on time or you will not be allowed to work.
  • You must bring your Work Program ID or you will not be allowed to work.

     To be released from the work program:

  • Your work hours must be completed.
  • The Work Program Fee of $45.00 must be paid.
  • Note: If you have a documented financial reason that you are unable to pay then please let a staff member know and they will have you complete the appropriate forms.

What if I have medical work restrictions?

  • You will be required to sign up for the Work Program as described above. At that time you will receive a Physician Statement Form for a medical professional to complete. Once you return the form a decision will be made as to either modifying the assignments you receive or allowing you to complete your hours with one of the non-profit entities that we refer you to.
  • If you qualify as permanently disabled under 45 CFR 233.80 or NRS 426.431, then please bring your statement of permanent disability from the Social Security Administration to the Special Programs and Services Investigator for approval for a light-duty assignment.