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City of Henderson Alcohol Monitoring Program FAQS

Can I work while on the Alcohol Monitoring Program?

  • Yes. Participants are able to work while on the City of Henderson Alcohol Monitoring Program. If SCRAM® is ordered then participants are required to provide their occupation and work schedule. 

Can I use physician prescribed medicine while on the Alcohol Monitoring Program?

  • Yes, unless it contains alcohol.  

Do I have to wear an ankle bracelet for the entire time that I am on the program?

  • Yes. A tamper proof SCRAM® device will be attached to participants ordered to the Alcohol Monitoring Program with that requirement and for all participants wishing to travel. 

Do you have a payment plan?

  • Financial payment arrangements may be made (depending on income) in certain circumstances. If ordered to the Alcohol Monitoring Program with SCRAM® you are required to pay all anticipated costs at the time of your intake. If SCRAM® is not a requirement then you will pay as you are tested.

What if I violate the Alcohol Monitoring Program?

  • You will be immediately served with a Notice to Appear and taken back to court. In certain circumstances you may be taken into custody and transported to the Henderson Detention Center. 

Am I allowed to go to counseling, school, AA meetings, etc.?

  • Yes. We allow for you to attend all court required classes with verification. You must make arrangements to go to a different Alcohol Monitoring Program on the same day if not on SCRAM®.

What happens if I tamper with or lose the device?

  • If the device is tampered with or purposefully damaged or lost, you will be required to pay for a replacement device and additional criminal charges will be forwarded for prosecution.

Can I start the Alcohol Monitoring Program when it is convenient for me?

  • No. The Alcohol Monitoring Program begins immediately following sentencing unless specified differently by the Henderson Municipal Court Judge.

Do I need a home phone line to be on Alcohol Monitoring Program?

  • It depends. A phone line is required unless you have a high speed internet connection with an available ethernet port. This device is not compatible with VOIP (Voice over Internet) or Wi-Fi. If you are not ordered to have a SCRAM® device then you will not need a phone line except to call the Alcohol Monitoring Program/DART test line.

If I am not ordered to SCRAM how many UA test will I complete per month? 

  • The frequency will vary depending on the month, but you will be required to report to test several times per week. Alcohol monitoring tests will be conducted by the Choices Group, LLC. at one of their two facilities. These facilities are open daily and provide extended hours. Please refer to your intake paperwork for further details.