Special Programs And Services

Electronic Monitoring Program Weekly Schedule Form

Weekly Schedule Request
(Fill In Start and End Times For Each Day.  Each week begins on Tuesday Example: 10:00AM-6:00PM)
I understand that legal employment, not to exceed forty (50) hours per week, may be permitted while on House Arrest and is subject to the approval of the Special Programs and Services Enforcement Unit. Certain jobs, job sites, and/or shifts may be limited, depending on the nature of your offense and the type of job that you are employed. You will be required to provide documentation, acceptable to the Enforcement Unit, of your employment.

I agree that, if I am allowed to work, that I will not be allowed to leave my place of employment at any time until my shift has completed. I further agree that, immediately following the end of my shift, I will return to my residence. Any travel to a destination not scheduled or approved prior to the travel will be considered a violation.

Weekly Schedule:
I understand that I am required to provide Special Programs and Services Enforcement Unit with a weekly schedule no later than 4PM on Sunday afternoon for the following week. I must submit my schedule using this form. My schedule must still be approved by an officer, in writing, prior to it being in effect. Submission of this form does not constitute approval.