Special Programs And Services

D.A.R.T. Program

The Special Programs and Services Drug and Alcohol Random Testing program (DART) monitors probationers who are ordered by the Henderson Municipal Court or Henderson Justice Court to be randomly tested for drug and/or alcohol use as a condition of sentencing and/or bail.

Probationers that are ordered into the DART program are required to report to Special Programs and Services immediately upon sentencing and/or release from custody for the initial intake process. During this process the probationer is enrolled in the program, signs paperwork regarding the program rules and is given a phone number to contact the DART line daily. This phone number is: (702) 267-1267. The probationer is informed that it is their responsibility to call the number EVERY EVENING after 8:00 p.m. They are to listen to the recording for the dates and times of testing. If a message is recorded that states there will be testing on the following day, then every probationer is required to report.

Probationers that will be leaving the jurisdiction for any amount of time are required to contact their Case Specialist/Officer for approval of an alternate testing procedure. The probationer will be required to show proof of the travel out of jurisdiction upon their return.