Special Programs And Services

D.A.R.T. AND C.A.T. Program Fees

DART fees are as follows:   

  • Drug Test = $25.00 (per week ordered)
  • ETG (Alcohol) test = $25.00 (per week ordered)
  • Patch = $50.00
  • Confirmation = $30.00 (per substance to be confirmed)
  • No show = $25.00

CAT fees are as follows:

  • $75.00 per week ordered

DART fee balances must be received no later than the last Thursday of every month.  Payment can also be received at the Special Programs and Services offices during business hours or by paying online. Payment received in the Special Programs and Services office may be made in the form of cash, money order, credit card or debit card. Probationers that do not pay their fees in a timely fashion will be returned to the sentencing court.