Downtown Master Plan

Click here for the Downtown Master Plan document.

Traditionally, cities regulate what can take place on private property through Zoning Ordinances.  The City of Henderson’s Zoning Ordinance tells us what types of uses are permitted, how tall a building can be, how much parking is required, and how close to your property line you can build.  Through implementation of these requirements we ensure orderly growth and that incompatible uses do not locate next to each other.  At the same time however, Zoning Ordinances do not always allow for flexibility or encourage creativity in development.

With the adoption of a Downtown Master Plan for Henderson, it is envisioned these new guidelines will provide flexibility to the development community with the intent to incentivize new construction and also provide opportunities for economic development and new business start-ups and job growth in the Downtown.  Water Street District of the future is imagined as a vibrant place of activity and beauty, the kind of place where people will want to live, work and play.  We believe that this Master Plan is another step which will bring us all closer to that reality.

In addition to the Downtown Master Plan, we have also completed work on a Downtown Pedestrian Circulation Plan and are continuing to develop a Downtown Park and Open Space Master Plan.  Both of these plans are intended to enhance our existing streets, sidewalks and open spaces making them more attractive, more functional, and safer.  These efforts will enhance our downtown and make it a more attractive place for our residents, visitors and business owners.

For questions, please contact the City of Henderson Community Development Department at (702) 267-1500.