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Greenway and Heather

Pedestrian Safety Upgrades
Along Greenway Road and Heather Drive

The City of Henderson is making improvements to Greenway Road from San Salvador Avenue to Horizon Drive and to Heather Drive from Greenway Road to College Drive.

This project will create a safer traffic experience for all who use these routes to school, parks, and homes in the area, as well as improve pedestrian crossing from Foothill High School to the College of Southern Nevada.

As students who attend Foothill High School, Mannion Middle School, Fay Galloway Elementary School and Smalley Elementary School walk and bike along Greenway Road, they encounter high traffic volumes at each of these intersections:

                 ▪ Greenway/Heather          ▪ Greenway/Mission          ▪ Greenway/Paradise Hills

Virtual Informational Meeting
Thursday, September 17 at 7pm

Participate using this Webex link (password 0917) to learn more about the project and submit feedback. 

Or listen via teleconference (audio only). Call 1-415-655-0001 (access code 133 181 3191).

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Traffic studies conducted by Kimley Horn & Associates during the regular school year in May of 2019 show  the volume of traffic at these intersections can be significantly improved by designing roundabouts.

To keep traffic moving smoothly and to provide safer routes for all who use these intersections, the City is designing roundabouts at the following intersections:

Greenway and Heather

Greenway and Mission

Greenway and Paradise Hills

Greenway plot
Heather plot

Frequently Asked Questions

Why roundabouts?

Roundabouts are safer, greener and cost less to maintain.  On average, roundabouts reduce severe crashes —those resulting in injury or loss of life—by 78-82% [1]

How is it safer for pedestrians?

  • Pedestrians spend less time in the intersection.
  • Pedestrians only have to look in one direction for each crossing.
  • Cars must slow down before they reach crosswalks.

Why can’t we just install stoplights?

  • Roundabouts are safer. They reduce crashes by 30% over stoplights. 
  • Roundabout accidents are commonly side-swipe collisions and are less severe than common accident types at stoplights.
  • Roundabouts are less dangerous because they greatly reduce the opportunity for head-on and T-bone collisions, which can be severe.
  • Roundabouts slow cars down as they approach the intersection.

Roundabouts Improve Traffic Flow

  • Roundabouts decrease the amount of time a vehicle spends at an intersection.
  • Roundabouts reduce the number of vehicles waiting at the intersection.

Roundabouts Reduce Green House Gas Emissions

Reduces time spent idling at the intersection versus traditional intersections.

Roundabouts Reduce Operations and Maintenance Costs

Manpower and equipment costs are eliminated by using a roundabout instead of a stoplight.


[1] Highway Safety Manual – American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, Washington DC 2010

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