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Pittman Wash Public Outreach

Pittman Wash Annual Maintenance

To protect public infrastructure, private property, and the health and safety of citizens and visitors, annual maintenance is performed along the Pittman Wash to remove woody, invasive and noxious vegetation.

Work will take place October-March between Pecos Road and Arroyo Grande Boulevard. 

Pittman Wash Management Criteria

manhole before

Before maintenance the manhole is blocked by vegetation which can interrupt water flow

manhole after

After maintenance the manhole is cleared of vegetation helping to ensure proper water flow

Pittman Wash Stakeholder Group

The City of Henderson has established a stakeholder group to help keep neighbors adjacent to the Pittman Wash informed about the maintenance programs being performed by the City’s Parks and Recreation, Utilities, and Public Works Departments.

The Stakeholder Group meets monthly and is comprised of one representative from most communities adjacent to the Wash between Pebble Road and Arroyo Grande Boulevard. Participating representatives will share information from each meeting with their community.


Date Topic 
August 2019 History, purpose and flood control regulations of Pittman Wash
September 2019 Upcoming flood control maintenance
October 2019  Vegetation
November 2019     General Management Criteria for the maintenance of unlined flood control channels
December 2019  Fire hazards and fuel reduction
January 2020  Maintenance responsibility/mapping questions (survey right-of-way)
February 2020 Sewer maintenance and its importance in the wash
June 2020  Rodents and Mosquitos (Southern Nevada Health District) 

Meeting Presentation Materials

August 2019

September 2019

October 2019

November 2019

December 2019

January 2020

February 2020

Learn how you can make a difference in protecting the City's sewer system. 

June 2020

Mosquito Control

The City of Henderson works closely with the Southern Nevada Health District to monitor mosquitos and treat as needed. Authorities have noticed an increase in West Nile Virus cases in parts of the Las Vegas Valley. When outdoors, wear long sleeves and use repellent and drain standing water. Get more tips at the Southern Nevada Health District website

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