Public Works

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The Public Works Engineering Geographic Information Systems team is responsible for developing and maintaining department infrastructure and asset databases, as well as supporting the seven divisions of Public Works in support of the departmental purpose statements.

The Public Works GIS team:

  • Develops and supports Public Works infrastructure, GIS, the Asset Management Program, and enterprise geodatabase including:
    • Facility Management
    • Streets
    • Flood Control
    • Traffic
  • Maintains Local Improvement Districts (LID) data and mapping;
  • Develops and maintains Survey Benchmark database and intranet applications;
  • Compiles and publishes enterprise-wide Capital Improvement Plan data maps;
  • Compiles certification of city-maintained public roads/eligible fuel tax centerline mileage, and developer's private streets;
  • Manages civil project boundaries database;
  • Updates Regional Transportation Commission's FAST Fiber Optic conduit system;
  • Manages citywide Autodesk, GIS, and CAD applications (purchasing, installation, licensing and maintenance); and
  • Provides customer requested maps and exhibits

For information, visit citywide GIS.