Public Works

Local Drainage Master Plan and Maps

Volume 1

Contains exhibits from Volume 1. Including watershed area, land use, FEMA flood areas, soil areas, utilities, and a facility summary.

Volume 2

Contains the Local Drainage Master Plan Project report and figures, generic street capacity charts, street capacity check sheet, Flowmaster facility summary, facility summary, utility conflict matrix, cost tool summary and full-size overall drainage condition exhibits.

Volume 3

Contains figures and exhibits, hydrologic calculations, and hydraulic calculations. The hydrologic calculations include files with the 10-year Rainfall Data, Curve Number Matrix, and Time Lag (Standard Form 4 for areas < 1 square mile and USBR Equation for areas > 1 square mile). Also included are the HEC-1 output files that are pertinent to the Master Plan. The hydraulic calculations include files for Flowmaster (for facility sizing based on normal depth and street flow cross sections), facility summary, flow splits, and street flow capacities and criteria.

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