President's Volunteer Service Award

President's Volunteer Service Award

America has a long and proud tradition of volunteer service. Now more than ever, volunteers are renewing their commitment to helping others and making new connections that bring us closer together as families, as neighbors, as communities, and as a Nation. The President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation (the Council) was established in 2003 to recognize the valuable contributions volunteers are making in our communities and encourage more people to serve. The Council created the President’s Volunteer Service Award program as a way to thank and honor Americans who, by their demonstrated commitment and example, inspire others to engage in volunteer service.

Recognizing and honoring volunteers sets a standard for service, encourages a sustained commitment to civic participation, and inspires others to make service a central part of their lives. The President’s Volunteer Service Award recognizes individuals, families, and groups that have achieved a certain standard – measured by the number of hours of service over a 12-month period or cumulative hours earned over the course of a lifetime. 

The Presidential Volunteer Service Award Criteria is as follows:

bronze_awardBronze Award
Bronze - Adults 100 to 249 hours

silver_awardSilver Award
Silver – Adults 250 to 499 hours

gold_awardGold Award
Gold – Adults 500 or more

lifetime_awardLifetime Award
Lifetime Award – 4000 or more of volunteer service over a lifetime

How to register for the Awards.

1.Go  to: https://www.presidentialserviceawards.gov/tgact/login/dspLoginAll.cfm
2.Look on the right side of the page for: Are you a volunteer?
3.Click on: Sign up for your Volunteer Record here.
4.Your Record of Service key is: FPV-37032