Officer Involved Shooting (OIS)

An officer involved shooting (OIS) is the discharge of a firearm by a police officer, whether on or off duty, upon a threat or attack to his/her person or that of another or to prevent the escape of a fleeing felon whom the officer has probable cause to believe will pose a significant and immediate threat to human life would escape occur. 

Not all officer involved shootings result in the death or injury to a subject. For the purposes of this posting, an officer involved shooting will only refer to the instances in which an officer discharged a firearm at a person.

When we review the 2003-2015 officer involved shooting data, the demographic distribution of the involved suspects (Caucasian – 82.1%, African American – 10.7%, Hispanic – 3.6%, Asian – 3.6%) represent closely with the demographic make-up of City of Henderson.