Police Data Initiative (PDI)

The President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing

With full support from the Henderson City Council and City Manager, the Henderson Police Chief has directed the Planning and Analysis Bureau to provide the following policing data sets to the community in conjunction with President Obama’s police transparency and accountability efforts:

  1. Officer Involved Shootings
  2. Use of Force
  3. Recruitment, Hiring and City Demographics

In December 2014, President Obama launched the Task Force on 21st Century Policing to study approaches to strengthen law enforcement and community relations while at the same time enhancing public safety. That Task Force developed a series of concrete and specific recommendations, many of which emphasized the opportunity for police departments to use data and technology to increase transparency and accountability. As a response, in May 2015 the White House launched the Police Data Initiative (PDI), a community of practice that includes leading law enforcement agencies, technologists, and researchers committed to improving the relationship between citizens and police at the local level through the use of data to increase transparency, build community trust, and strengthen accountability.

“We’ve launched a Police Data Initiative that’s helping Camden and other innovative cities use data to strengthen their work and hold themselves accountable by sharing it with the public…so it’s even easier for police departments to do the things they already want to do in helping to track what’s going on in communities, and then also helping to make sure that that data is used effectively.” -President Barack Obama, May 2015
The Henderson Police Department is the first law enforcement agency in Nevada to fully participate in the PDI, providing the public with an open data format (i.e., disaggregated, incident-level and machine-readable data) on policing data.  Policing data from Henderson Police Department and all participating agencies across the nation can be found here:  https://publicsafetydataportal.org/.  Eventually, all policing and crime data from Henderson Police Department will be made available through this website, in addition to the city’s webpage, http://cityofhenderson.com/police.