Parole Eligibility Report

In accordance with Assembly Bill 117, enacted during the 75th (2009) Legislative Session, the Board of Parole Commissioners (Parole Board) may grant parole without a meeting to certain low and moderate-risk offenders appearing on this eligibility list who are serving sentences of lesser severity, except in certain circumstances.

The types of cases that WILL NOT be considered without a meeting include:
  • A Case in which a victim has requested notification of a Parole Board meeting for that case;
  • Sentences for Murder or Sexual Offenses;
  • Sentences on prisoners adjudicated as Habitual Criminals
  • Sentences of Life with the Possibility of Parole;
  • Offenses which are of the highest severity as determined by the Department of Corrections; and
  • Any other case in which a person has objected to action being without a meeting.
Any person wishing to inquire as to whether a specific case qualifies as one being considered without a meeting can contact the Executive Secretary to the Board at 687-6567.

Any person wishing to request a formal hearing on a case that may be granted without a meeting must notify the Executive Secretary to the Board in writing. Requests may be faxed to (775) 6877-6736 or mailed to Board of Parole Commissioners, 1677 Old Hot Springs Rd. Suite A, Carson City, NV 89706.