Selection Process

Hiring and Selection Process

Testing and selection of Police Officers and Corrections Officers is a multi-step process and ensures that we hire only those individuals who are the most qualified. Towards this effort, we insist upon impeccable moral character, uncompromising integrity, and the possession of certain attributes common to all successful applicants. The stages of our selection and hiring process are below.

• Application & Supplemental Questionnaire, submitted here.
• Written Test completed through National Testing Network
• Preliminary Interview
• Physical Fitness Test
    Video demonstration link
    Written instruction link
• Complete Personal History Questionnaire
• Background Interview and Investigation
• Polygraph Examination
• Drug Screening
• Final Interview
• Psychological Examination
• Medical/Physical Screening

Once an application has been submitted, it will be screened to ensure minimum standards are met. Applicants will have 30 days from the time of application to complete the written test with National Testing Network.

The Recruitment & Backgrounds Unit coordinates initial testing consisting of a Preliminary Interview (oral board) and Physical Fitness Test for batches of applicants who have passed the written test. Space in these testing dates is limited and applicants are invited to schedule in order based on their submitted application date. It is normal to be on the waiting list for a Preliminary Interview for a few months after passing the NTN written test. The Preliminary Interview will take place during the morning hours of the scheduled day and all applicants who receive a passing score will proceed to the Physical Fitness Test that same afternoon. These testing dates occur year-round and are conducted approximately once per month.

Once applicants pass the Written Test, Preliminary Interview, and Physical Fitness test, they are moved into the Background Investigation phase. Because HPD does on-going testing of smaller batches of applicants, Backgrounds takes much less time than in many other agencies and is commonly measured in weeks and not months. The most qualified candidates who successfully complete Backgrounds will be recommended for a Final Interview, which is conducted by Command Staff members of the department.

Successful completion of the Final Interview will be followed by a Medical/Physical Screening and Psychological Examination. Satisfactory results from these screenings will result in a final offer of employment with an academy start date.

Tattoos and Piercings

Henderson Police Officers and Corrections Officers are not permitted to have visible tattoos, brands, or piercings which cannot be covered by wearing a long-sleeved uniform shirt.

Piercings must be removed and cannot be covered with bandages or tape.

Exceptions to this include: earlobe earrings - small studs and one set only; tattooed wedding band on the ring finger, cosmetic tattoos such as eyeliner, eyebrows.