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Benchmark Cities

The Henderson Police Department is one of 30 law enforcement agencies who participate in the Benchmark Cities group.  It was originally designed in 1997 by a core group of chief's from around the country who had department size, population and demographics (college community) in common. Extensive surveys are completed each year and reviewed at an annual conference which allows agencies to compare themselves over a wide variety of criteria and ensures they are providing the best service possible to their respective communities.  The latest surveys are posted in the right-hand column and will be updated as soon as they are available.

Benchmark Cities Survey Results:

2019 Benchmark Budget Data

2019 Benchmark Crime & Clearances Data

2019 Benchmark Demographics Data

2019 Benchmark General Data

2019 Benchmark Traffic Safety Data

2018 Benchmark Budget Data

2018 Benchmark Crime & Clearance Data

2018 Benchmark Demographics

2018 Benchmark General Data

2018 Benchmark Traffic Safety Data


Part I Crimes listed under “Section D: Crime & Clearance” are preliminary figures that are subject to change as crimes continue to be investigated and reported accordingly. Official Part I Crimes can be found on the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report website link below.