Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch program is one of the oldest, and still one of the most effective, crime prevention programs. The program brings a group of citizens together with Henderson Police to form a cooperative effort to battle crime, one neighborhood at a time.

A Neighborhood Watch is a group of neighbors looking out for each other. It is getting to know each other and becoming familiar with your neighbor's habits and vehicles so that you will know when something is suspicious or out of the ordinary. In addition to recognizing potential suspicious activities, Neighborhood Watch participants report such activity by calling 911. 

Neighborhood Watch does not mean being a vigilante. Participants do not confront suspects or take any personal risks. You learn how to become a good witness to help police catch the criminals. It is very important for residents to take an active role in preventing crime. As crime is not just a police problem, it is a community problem.

There are many communities in Henderson that already have a Neighborhood Watch and it works. When neighbors look out for each other, it can decrease the number of property crimes such as burglaries and vandalism in a neighborhood. There are many examples of criminals captured and prosecuted that all started with a phone call from a concerned citizen in a Neighborhood Watch program that knew their neighbor was not home but saw someone inside the house.

Benefits of having a Neighborhood Watch

  • Improved home security
  • Knowing your neighbors and looking out for each other
  • Making your neighborhood a better place to live

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The Henderson Police Department will help you start a Neighborhood Watch in your area. For more information about Neighborhood Watch call the Henderson Police Department's Community Relations Bureau at (702) 267-5100.

Neighborhood Watch