Parks And Recreation

Parks and Recreation Pricing Study

We appreciate your interest in the Parks and Recreation Pricing Study. On September 7, 2010, the Department of Public Works, Parks & Recreation adopted the Cost Recovery Program policy, number 1.4.099. This policy establishes the process for determining rates and charges based on a cost recovery model, it also specifies that these rates and charges will be reviewed and updated every two years. In 2014, Zions Bank Public Finance conducted a comprehensive study which was implemented in three phases, with the final phase in September 2017.

This latest study was initiated in spring 2017. An evaluation of the current cost recovery model and a review of current rates and charges was conducted.

In 2016 Public Works, Parks & Recreation assumed operations of the Henderson Pavilion. Per department policy a pricing study was conducted to evaluate rental pricing and cost recovery practices of the Pavilion. Staff has reviewed that report and has provided recommendations for the implementation in January 2019 in conjunction with the Recreation implementation.

The city intends to continue offering the same high level of service and quality of facilities and amenities to its residents. Thank you for your continued patronage.