Henderson Municipal Court

ABC Court (Assistance in Breaking the Cycle)

City of Henderson Municipal Court
Chief Judge Douglas W. Hedger 
Department 2


It is the mission of the ABC Court, within the parameters of the law, to be creative and innovative to design and implement treatment and/or programs that will address the habitual misdemeanor offender in an attempt to terminate recidivism by addressing substance abuse issues, mental health treatment, and life skills training.

Guiding Principles:

  1. ABC Court combines alcohol and other drug treatment services with the justice system.
  2. The prosecution and defense counsel work together to promote public safety while protecting participants' due process.
  3. Eligible participants are identified early and may volunteer to participate in the ABC Court program.
  4. Abstinence is monitored by frequent alcohol and other drug testing.
  5. ABC Court uses a team strategy to monitor participants' compliance.
  6. Ongoing judicial interaction with each ABC Court participant is essential.
  7. Program effectiveness is measured by ongoing monitoring and evaluation.
  8. Continuing interdisciplinary education promotes effective ABC Court planning, implementation, and operations.
  9. Building partnerships among ABC Court, public agencies, and community-based organizations creates local support and improves ABC Court's program effectiveness.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • 18 years or older
  • One to two-year commitment to the program
  • Habitual Offenders with multiple cases in Municipal Court
  • May have multiple felony convictions
  • May have unstable living environment
  • Must have a history of substance related charges
  • Unemployed or under employed
  • No arson or sex offenders

Community Partners:

  • Transitional Living Community (TLC)
  • Henderson Police Department
  • The City of Henderson Deputy City Attorney's Office
  • The City of Henderson Public Defender's Office
  • Community Treatment Providers and Community Organizations
  • The City of Henderson Court Programs
  • Hopelink
  • Henderson Chamber of Commerce
  • Touro University Nevada