Mayor And Council

Las Vegas Strip Shooting

The stories of heroism and bravery by those who were on the strip last night and the first responders who raced to the scene are remarkable.

Thank you to all those who saved lives, comforted the injured and provided shelter to those in need. We are grateful to all the hospitals in Henderson and across the Valley that treated the injured and to the doctors, nurses and medical staff that continue to work tirelessly to treat the wounded.

The enormous number of Southern Nevadans who stepped forward to donate blood has shown the deep compassion in our community. If you are still seeking to make a blood donation, United Blood Service is asking you to please go to and/or call 1-877-UBS-HERO to find the nearest location or to schedule an appointment.

A Go Fund Me Account has also been established for those wishing to make a financial contribution to assist victims of the strip shooting and their families. Please visit:

Today we stand united as a community and we are lifted by the expressions of love and sympathy that have been shown here at home and come from around the globe.


Coping and Preparedness Tips from the American Red Cross

This is a difficult time for everyone affected and it’s important for people to connect with and support each other. The Red Cross offers the following tips to help people stay strong:
• Events like this can cause feelings of uncertainty and anxiety since no one knows what could potentially happen next. Remember that it's okay to feel nervous.
• Stay informed but limit media exposure of the events, especially for children. Children are especially vulnerable to stress reactions related to media.
• Parents should let children talk about their fears and then reassure them about their safety. Talk with them in ways that they can easily understand. Let them guide the conversation; share details only when they ask about them.
• Be patient with yourself and others. It’s common to have any number of temporary stress reactions such as anger, frustration and anxiety.
• Spend more time with family and friends and offer your support. Hug one another and listen.
• Watch for signs of stress in your family, friends and children. Get help from others if needed.
• Take care of yourself. Eat healthy, drink plenty of water and get enough rest.
• To reach out for free 24/7 counseling or support, contact the Disaster Distress Helpline at 800-985-5990 or text “TalkWithUs’ to 66746

How You Can Help

We understand that people around the country want to help and we appreciate that support. Right now, the Red Cross has what it needs to support this event.

• We always need the public to help support the nearly 64,000 other disasters we respond to every year around the country. Donations for Red Cross Disaster Relief are used to help people and communities prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters big and small. Visit for more information.
• We know people are generous, but we are asking people to not collect and send items like stuffed animals or dolls, blankets, clothing, water and food. It takes time and money to store, sort, clean and distribute these items, which diverts limited time and resources away from helping those most affected.