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Debra March

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Michelle Romero
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Ward II

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Ward III


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Ward IV

Incorporated in 1953, the City of Henderson actually received its charter in 1965 from the Nevada State Legislature. The City Charter established a Council/Manager form of government, in which the Mayor and Council are vested with the legislative power of the city and the City Manager is responsible for executive duties and administration of the city.

The Mayor and four city Council members are elected at large on a nonpartisan basis, although no two council members can be from the same ward of the city's four wards. The Council appoints a City Manager, City Attorney and City Clerk who are directly responsible to the Council. All city department heads, including the Police Chief and the Fire Chief, are hired by the City Manager.

The Mayor serves as a member of the City Council and presides over its meetings. The Mayor is the recognized head of the city government for ceremonial purposes, and performs any emergency duties as may be necessary for the general health, welfare and safety of the city. The Mayor Pro Tempore is elected by members of the City Council and performs the duties of the Mayor during the Mayor's absence.

The Mayor and City Council decide, by majority vote, on all land use issues, business licenses, city ordinances and expenditures of city funds.