Youth Programs

Battle Born Kids

Ages 5-12 ▪ 7am-6pm ▪ Monday-Friday
Available through August 21


All registration and participation is subject to space availability. 

Black Mountain Recreation Center - activity code 999550
Henderson Multigenerational Center - activity code 999555
Silver Springs Recreation Center - activity code 999553
Whitney Ranch Recreation Center -  activity code 999556

Register online by midnight the day before you wish to attend. Day-of, in-person registration accepted pending space availability.  


$20 per child per day. No sibling discounts are available. 
Includes one meal per day. We will try to accommodate food allergies but please send your own snacks and food if necessary.


Daily activities may include games, crafts, sports and movies. Participants will be in groups of 10 or less and group leaders will ensure social distancing is maintained throughout the activities.

Routine hand washing will be required for all participants and staff will ensure cleanliness is maintained throughout the day.

Parent Information

A registration packet is required. Packets are sent via email or copies are available at intake. 

All individuals entering the facility are required to go through a full intake process. This includes having temperatures scanned and answering questions about current health status. Intake process may take 15-30 minutes - please allow for extra time and arrive early if needed. Any individual refusing a temperature scan will not be admitted into the building. Supervisor on duty has final say in admission.

Temperatures of 99.9 degrees or higher will not be admitted into the facility. These individuals are recommended to self-quarantine and follow CDC/WHO/SNHD guidelines for reporting and seeking additional medical attention if needed.

All individuals are required to complete a screening questionnaire prior to every entrance. Children should not be given any fever-reducing medication (acetaminophen, aspirin, etc.) at least six hours before attending program. 

Government-issued ID is required for drop-off and pick-up.

For more information, contact ChildCare@cityofhenderson.com

ABC Etc. and Little Learners (ages 3-5)

State-licensed preschool programs specially designed for children 3-5 years held at Valley View Recreation Center.

Kampfire Kids (summer only)

Kampfire Kids is a state-licensed summer camp specially designed for children ages 3-5 years held at Valley View Recreation Center.

Kids Zone (grades K-5)

Kids Zone is a seasonal all-day program designed to entertain and enrich Henderson youth when school is not in session. The program is held weekdays 7am-6pm. See Henderson Happenings for dates and locations.

Safekey (through grade 5)

Safekey is a before- and after-school recreational enrichment program offered at all Henderson elementary schools. This fun-filled program focuses on crafts, games, cooking and special activities as an alternative while parents work. 

Summer Fun (grades K-8, summer only)

Summer Fun is a seasonal no-cost drop-in program for youth held right in their own neighborhoods. They experience a fun-filled summer of new and exciting activities that keep them intrigued and engaged.

On the Edge (ages 10-12, summer only)

This program is all about activities, building friendships and opportunities to grow.

Teens-N-Training (ages 14-15, summer only)

The mission of the Teens-N-Training junior leader program is to train teens to become recreation leaders and to provide assistance for our summer programs. This program encourages self-confidence in teens as well as develops communication and leadership skills. 

Teen Scene (grades 6-8)

This after-school program is for kids in grades 6-8. Teen Scene features arts and crafts, cooking, sports, field trips, and social events.

Teen Zone ages 12-15, (summer only)

This all-day recreational program for ages 12-14 includes a variety of activities, field trips, special events, and community service projects.

Teen Ventures (ages 12-15, summer only)

The program offers field trips and leadership activities tailored to meet teens’ needs and interests.