Youth Sports Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I pick up information and a registration form? 
    Handouts and registration forms are available at all recreation centers  (except Heritage Park Senior Facility) and the Sports office. Information is also included in Henderson Happenings, which is mailed to all residences and businesses in Henderson and is also available at our recreation centers.
  • My child won't be able to make it to either of the player rating days. Can he/she still play?
    Yes. Although player ratings are highly recommended, they are not required. The child will be given an average score of those of the same gender and in the same grade level and placed on a team.
  • If a league is full, can my child somehow still get in the league?
    Yes. Once a league fills up, players are added to a waiting list and placed as space becomes available. Waiting lists are kept until the week prior to the first game. If players are not removed from the waiting list, they will receive a letter in the mail and a full refund of payment (if applicable). 
  • What equipment do you recommend?
    Soccer: plastic cleats, shin guards
    Basketball: athletic shoes, basketball
    Baseball/softball: plastic cleats and glove
  • If my child is advanced in skill for his/her grade level, can he/she play up into the next higher division?

    The only way a child can play up is:

    • The child must attend player ratings and score comparable to players in the division in which they wish to play. If the child does not attend player ratings, they are not permitted to play up.
  • I am interested in coaching my child. How do I sign up?
    On the bottom of the flyer for each sport there is a section for interested volunteer coaches. Fill out that section completely and submit it with your payment. Or fill out the volunteer application and email it to COHParksRecVolunteers@cityofhenderson.com or fax 702-267-4001.
  • I am interested in coaching but I do not have a child in the league. How do I sign up?
    Contact the Sports office at 702-267-5700 and let us know that you are interested, along with your name, address, contact numbers, sport, and preferred age level. Or fill out the bottom portion of the appropriate flyer and submit it to the Sports office. You can also fill out our volunteer application and email it to COHParksRecVolunteers@cityofhenderson.com or fax 702-267-4001.

    Please note that volunteers with children in the league get first priority. Any openings left will be assigned to volunteers with no children in the league.

  • I am carpooling with my next door neighbor. I work nights and will not be able to take my child to practices. Can we be placed together?
    The league does not honor special requests of any nature. We are dedicated to the player rating system and making the teams as competitive and balanced as possible.
  • I do not like my child's coach, and he practices on a day that we are not available. Can my child switch teams?
    No. Once teams are made, we don't make any changes to rosters unless we are adding players from the waiting list. Prior to the first game, we will offer a refund minus a $5 service charge if you choose not to continue.
  • It is week four and my child doesn't want to play any longer. Can I get a refund?
    Once games begin, no refunds will be issued.
  • Why are uniforms given out so late?
    The bulk uniform order is placed following the last day of player ratings. Since games generally start within four weeks of player ratings, vendors usually will not have the uniforms ready until a few days prior to the first game. Rest assured that as soon as the league receives the uniforms it is our first priority to get them ready for pickup.
  • Why are schedules handed out so late?
    Schedules cannot be made until after teams are established (the week following player ratings) and coaches have met with their teams to pick their team name (usually two weeks after player ratings). Sometimes a team does not have a coach right away, so this further delays the process. This means schedules cannot be created until approximately two weeks prior to the first game.

    Please note that coaches are informed of game dates, locations, and approximate game times at the initial coaches meeting.

  • Why can't we get the game schedules early even if the uniforms aren't in?

    We hand out all league information (consisting of uniforms, schedules, and team pictures) at the same time. This eliminates multiple trips to our office by the coach, and confusion among staff as to which teams did/didn't receive information.

  • When are cancellations made up?
    Games cancelled due to weather or other reasons will be made up if and when/where feasible. This is dependent on availability of game officials, conflicts with other events, and availability of facilities.