Adult Softball

The City of Henderson offers a variety of softball leagues to choose from. All leagues are doubleheaders and are played at the Arroyo Grande Sports Complex, Russell Road Recreation Complex and Anthem Hills Park.

To register, contact the Sports Office at 702-267-5717.

Current information

To view current standings, league schedule and team schedule, click on the link above. After signing in, click Search on the menu bar. On the drop-down menu, select Leagues, Standings & Schedules.

D Division 

One home run hitter per team, per game allowed. First player to hit a home run will qualify as the home run hitter for that game. Any other home runs by non-qualifying players will result in an out. This division features a higher skill and competition level.

E Division

No home runs allowed. This division is for the recreation level player and a good opportunity for organizations to build camaraderie.


Designed for players 40+, this program is administered by Henderson Sports Group in conjunction with the City of Henderson. All leagues are doubleheaders. For additional information, contact Henderson Sports Group at 702-837-0216 or 702-683-7700. $60 per player.

Day Anthem Hills Park       Day  Arroyo Grande
Sports Complex 
Day  Russell Road
Recreation Complex 
 M  Men's 50+ Men's D  Men's E 
 T Men's 50+ and
Co-Rec 40+ 
Men's D  Men's E 
Men's 40+  Men's D and Co-Rec D  Seniors 
Th  Men's 55+  Th  Men's D and Co-Rec D  Th  Co-Rec E 
Sa  Men's 60+   Men's D and Co-Rec D Co-Rec E 
Su  Men's 60+         
Summer 2019 registration:
Season begins:
Team registration:
Fall 2019 registration:
Season begins:
Team registration:
through May 24 (late registration accepted at the Sports office)
week of June 18 
$14 per game ($28 a night)
July 22-September 9
week of September 23 
$14 per game ($28 a night)