Financial Assistance FAQs

What is the City of Henderson Financial Assistance program?

The City of Henderson offers support to Henderson residents needing financial assistance to participate in parks and recreation programs including classes, memberships, out of school care, preschool and youth sports leagues.

What are the qualifications for financial assistance?

Financial assistance follows the guidelines of the State of Nevada Child Care Subsidy Program Income Chart.

How to apply?

Applications for financial assistance are available online at cityofhenderson.com/FinAid. Individuals submit application online along with required documentation. 

What documents will I need to include with the application for the City of Henderson financial assistance program? Incomplete applications are not considered and will be denied.

  • Copy of state-issued photo ID PLUS copy of lease agreement or utility bill showing current Henderson residency.
  • Copy of divorce papers or other legal documents showing custody rights and/or child support.
  • Copy of paycheck stubs for the most recent one month period for each working person.
  • Copy of all other income including government and state benefits, housing assistance, unemployment, student loan, pension and retirement benefits.
  • Copy of child care certificate or waitlist/denial letter from other funding sources when applying for out of school programs.

Are there additional requirements when applying for out of school programs?

Yes. To be considered for financial assistance for out of school programs for children under the age of 13; such as Safekey, Teen Scene, Kids Zone, etc., patrons must first seek assistance from other funding sources.

Is there other accepted assistance for out of school programs?

The city accepts other forms of financial assistance from programs such as the Desert Regional Center (Respite), Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada, and Child Care Development Fund provided through the Las Vegas Urban League. Contact the providers listed below:

Desert Regional Center (Respite)
1391 S. Jones Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89146

Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada
Child Care Development Fund

Las Vegas Urban League
702-473-9400 (call for nearest location)

Can I apply for financial assistance if I’m self-employed?

Yes. Provide annual or quarterly income tax statements with application.

Can I apply for financial assistance if I don’t receive any income?

Yes. A Declaration of Zero Income form is required for all adults in the household (18 years and older) who do not have any income. This includes household members who are full or part-time adult students living off student loans or a stay-at-home parent.

How much financial assistance can I receive?

Financial assistance is a subsidy that is based on the programs requested at the time of application and available funding*. The amount of financial assistance received is at the discretion of the city.

  • $200 annually per household member for classes, memberships, and youth sports leagues.
  • $500 per household member for out of school programs and preschool. Funds are distributed three  separate times during fall, spring or summer. Financial assistant recipient will need to request funds for each period separately. Additional documentation may be required. Approval is not guaranteed.

*Funding for financial assistance is dependent on budget appropriation set each fiscal year. If necessary funds to continue with financial assistance are not allocated by the City of Henderson, funding shall terminate at the expiration of the appropriated funds.

Does the financial assistance award expire?

Yes. Financial assistance expires the third Thursday of June each year. Unused funds are forfeited.

How many times can I receive financial assistance from the City of Henderson?

Financial assistance is awarded one time on an annual basis. Contact staff if additional funds are needed. Request is not guaranteed.

How often can I apply for financial assistance?

You can apply for financial assistance more than once; however, request is not guaranteed.

How often are applications for financial assistance accepted?

Applications are accepted throughout the year, subject to availability. Funding is based on a fiscal year (July 1-June 30).

Are there restrictions for using financial assistance?

Financial assistance cannot be used to pay for participant cards, facility rentals, senior meal programs, excursions, Pavilion entertainment events, food and supplies not included in class or program fees, late or extended stay for Youth Enrichment programs, retail items, FunCards, Convenience Cards, drop-in for classes, processing or application fees or late charges.

How is the financial assistance award dispersed?

The financial assistance award is added to a virtual FunCard to pay for program fees. The participant is required to pay any remaining balance of the program fee at the time of enrollment if the funds on the FunCard are depleted.

Additional questions?

Call 702-267-4AID (4243), or email COHFinAid@cityofhenderson.com.