Trails and Bike Lanes

Trails and Bike Lanes

Enjoy the great outdoors! The City of Henderson's extensive 180+ mile trail system provides an opportunity for recreation and serves as a mode of alternate transportation. Our Outdoor Recreation section also offers a variety of organized walks, hikes, rides, and educational activities that will enrich your life and put you in touch with nature.

Trail hours: 5am-11pm
Unlit trails are dawn to dusk


Trail Difficulty

Level 1
  • Suggested for beginning to advanced users
  • Generally flat
  • Obstacles may be present
Level 2
  • Suggested for intermediate to advanced users
  • Somewhat flat with hills
  • Obstacles may be present
Level 3
  • Suggested for advanced users
  • Occasional steep hills
  • Obstacles may be present

For searchable trail information and maps throughout Clark County, visit 

Learn about the Nevada Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights at nvoutdoorkids.org.

Share the Trail

While enjoying our trails and bike lanes, please keep the following in mind:

  • Know who has the right of way. Horses have priority, followed by hikers and then bikers.
  • Yield to uphill traffic.
  • Stay to the right, pass on the left.
  • Slow down as you pass and announce yourself when passing someone from behind.
  • Walk your pet to the right to reduce interference with other trail users.
  • Leave no trace.
  • Don't block the trail. Groups should use no more than half the trail.
  • Phone use should be limited to emergencies. Keep volumes low.
  • Be sure to push the button at crossings with flashing beacons.
  • Have fun and be kind.

Trail Rules

Use of all City of Henderson parks and trails is subject to HMC 2.27.030.

  • Trails are open daily from 5am to 11pm, or dawn to dusk if not lit.
  • All park rules are enforced on trails. Use trails at your own risk.
  • No alcohol, glass bottle, fireworks.
  • Only authorized motorized vehicles and electric personal assistive mobility devices are allowed in parks and on trails, pathways and non-designated motor vehicle areas..
  • Pets must be restrained by a leash no longer than six feet. Owners are responsible for picking up their pet's waste.
  • Carry out only what you can carry in and leave only footprints behind.
  • Stay on the trail to protect the desert. Do not remove or harm animals, plants, rock, or soil.
  • This is a natural area inhabited by wildlife. Do not approach wildlife.
  • Stay in public access areas and respect private property.
  • Cyclists must yield to all other trail users.
  • No water, phones or services available.
  • Persons who intentionally damage or vandalize parks and trails will be prosecuted.

Join Trail Watch

Henderson Trail Watch volunteers promote safety and appropriate trail use by providing information and assistance to all trail users, by observing and documenting safety issues requiring attention and by serving as a positive presence on Henderson trails. 



Join Hiking HendersonJoin Hiking Henderson

The goal of Hiking Henderson is to encourage you to get outdoors, see the sights and get healthy all at the same time. Hike eight trails in the spring or fall to earn a hiking staff.  


Tagging is VandalismTagging is Vandalism

So is spray painting directional markings on City of Henderson trails and surrounding landscaping. It's unsightly and it's against the law. We recommend using duct tape instead. Please help us keep Henderson trails beautiful. Report vandalism to the Police Department's non-emergency line at 311.



City of Henderson’s Highest PointCity of Henderson’s Highest Point

On February 19, 2013, the city of Henderson’s highest point was officially designated at 3,540 feet above sea level. To mark the high point, a survey monument was placed by City of Henderson staff and members of the Highpointers Club, a national organization that promotes the preservation and conservation of high points and provides a forum for education.

Henderson’s high point is located in the Black Mountain Regional Preserve, adjacent to Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area. The area is characterized by steep, rugged terrain and is not accessible by a city-maintained trail. For your safety, all visitors are strongly advised to stay on city-marked trails only.