Skate Parks

Please enjoy our parks
Observe social distancing ▪ Keep 6 feet apart ▪ Avoid large gatherings

Skate Parks
Throw down a few tricks at the City of Henderson's skate parks. These recreational areas are for skaters and BMXers to enjoy as they develop and refine their skills.

Visit here for closure information. 


For more information, choose a location:

  1. Anthem Hills Park 
  2. Cactus Wren Park
  3. Hayley Hendricks Park
  4. Hidden Falls Park
  5. Morrell Park
  6. Potenza Park
  7. Tuscany Park

Skate park rules

These facilities are for the use and enjoyment of everyone. They are non-supervised facilities and it is up to you, as users, to see that these facilities are kept clean and free of graffiti,  stickers, and vandalism, and that all users follow posted rules. With everyone's help and cooperation, these facilities can remain open and available for everyone to enjoy. 

Failure to follow these rules may result in expulsion from the facility or closure of the skate park. Closure of a facility due to vandalism can last up to one week.

  • Only skateboards, inline skates and bicycles are allowed for use in the facility.
  • Motorized vehicles are prohibited.
  • All users must wear proper safety gear, including helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads. Shirts and shoes are required.
  • An adult must accompany anyone under the age of 13.
  • The following are prohibited: alcohol consumption (HMC 8.40.010), drug use, tobacco products, disruptive behavior, and profanity or abusive language.
  • Additional obstacles or material (such as ramps or jumps) may not be used at the facility.
  • No graffiti, accelerants, or stickers permitted.
  • Do not skate or ride on curbs, driveways, or stairs in the park.
  • Spectators must stay off the skating surfaces.
  • No glass containers are allowed in the skate park area.
  • No food or drinks (other than water) are allowed inside the skate parks.
  • All participants must skate/ride safely at all times and avoid collisions with others.
  • Any formally organized events or demonstrations must have prior written permission from the Public Works, Parks and Recreation Department Sports office at 702-267-5717.
  • It is your responsibility to look before you ride. Do not use this facility if a hazardous condition exists. Skate parks are closed and unavailable for use any time surfaces are wet or covered with debris. Please report any damage, vandalism, or hazardous condition by calling 702-267-5717.
  • Facility users must abide by all other rules and regulations applicable to city parks. (HMC 2.27.030)