Future Plans

The City of Henderson is committed to providing even greater entertainment opportunities and enhanced community events at a new, modernized year-round venue that will better cater to the needs of our growing city and contribute to our quality of life.


The Pavilion’s canopy structure was severely damaged by weather incidents twice in recent years, necessitating the complete removal of the tent-like covering in 2019. Detailed inspection indicated the need for full reconstruction of the roof canopy support structure to meet current building code requirements, replacement of the seats which have begun to fail, replacement of the sound system, and several other improvements necessitated by age and weathering. As a result, the City began evaluating how to modernize this facility, with components now at the end of their useful life, so that it could offer even greater entertainment opportunities and to enhance its use for community gatherings and other activities.

The City has been evaluating alternatives to address these challenges and was seeking to construct an enclosed facility that could accommodate crowds similar to the Pavilion’s current 6,500 visitor capacity so that events can be held throughout the year instead of being restricted to only those months with milder temperatures. A proposed bond issue includes funding for upgrading the Pavilion in this manner. A modernized Pavilion will more effectively address the needs of our growing city of over 300,000 residents and contribute to our quality of life.

While the City was envisioning the future of the Pavilion as an enclosed venue, the February 6, 2020 announcement by the Vegas Golden Knights (VGK) of their acquisition of an American Hockey League (AHL) team and intention to relocate it to southern Nevada made it clear that there was an opportunity to build upon the successful public-private partnership the City had established with the VGK. This expanded partnership presents an exciting new opportunity to enhance the current Henderson Pavilion site by creating a 6000-seat family-friendly entertainment venue where the City can host concerts, cultural arts performances, high school and college graduations, youth and club hockey activities, meetings, and other community events in addition to hosting Henderson’s hometown professional hockey team.   

Keeping you informed on the status of this project is our priority. Please visit this page for updates.