Drowning Prevention

Be a Water Watcher!

Drowning remains the leading cause of unintentional injury-related death for young children in Southern Nevada. Being an alert water watcher through Patrol, Protect and Prepare, can help us keep summer fun for everyone.


Always designate an adult Water Watcher to actively watch children in the water, including pools, bathtubs, or other bodies of water.


Install barriers between your home and pool to ensure safety including fences, door alarms, locks and spa safety covers. Lock doggie doors children can’t crawl through them.


Create a water safety plan for your family. Enroll children in swimming lessons, take adult CPR classes, and be sure to equip your pool with proper safety equipment including life jackets, personal floatation devices and rescue tools. If an emergency happens, have a telephone nearby to call 9-1-1. 

The City of Henderson offers a wide variety of safety training classes; including our Learn-to-Swim program, Learn-to-Save parent education program and many other CPR and first-aid related classes that can help prepare your family for a safe swimming season.


Rad Tad Travels water safety presentation

Drowning Prevention Information

One of the primary functions of our aquatics programs is to provide water safety education to the community. This includes providing education in water safety, swimming and specialty programs at our facilities and in the community.

To help prepare your children for summer activities, enroll them in our swim lesson program. A complete list of classes, including learn-to-swim and CPR, can be found in the current issue of Henderson Happenings available online or at any recreation center or indoor pool.

For more information about our classes, free swimming lessons and our drowning prevention campaign, please contact us:

Henderson Multigenerational Indoor Pool
250 S. Green Valley Pkwy.

Henderson Multigenerational Outdoor Competition Pool/Activity Pool
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Heritage Park Aquatic Complex
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