Geographic Information Services

Meet the Team

Information Technology -- (702) 267-4300

Located @ City Hall, 2nd Floor

The Geographic Information Services (GIS) Division in the Department of Information Technology is responsible for guiding, coordinating and managing the operation and development of the City's enterprise Geographic Information System. IT GIS specifically:

  • Develops and supports City-wide GIS applications.
  • Develops and supports City-wide GIS Internet/Intranet applications.
  • Oversees data and system GIS standards.
  • Manages GIS software purchasing, installation, licensing and maintenance.
  • Oversees the Spatial Database.
  • Coordinates in-house spatial data identification, creation, procurement, maintenance and dissemination. Coordinates the exchange of GIS data between the City and outside agencies; assists in the review and renewal of GIS data inter-local agreements.
  • Provides GIS support and service to Departments not having their own GIS Staff.
  • Provides technical support for GIS staff in other Departments.
  • Oversees the GIS User Group.
  • Reviews and coordinates with IT Project Managers on all IT projects containing spatial elements.
  • Maintains the public GIS web page

Police -- (702) 267-4916

Located in the Emergency Services Facility, 3rd Floor

Public Safety GIS Team is responsible for maintaining the master street names, street addresses and business addresses for the 9-1-1 Communication Automated Dispatch (CAD) system and mobile mapping applications.  The Police Department GIS Team:

  • Is responsible for maintaining areas of coverage for the CAD system outside the City of Henderson, including the City of Las Vegas, the City of Las Vegas Detention Marshal, Animal Control and Court Marshal.
  • Maintains and updates the maps on each console within the dispatch centers for both Henderson and City of Las Vegas.
  • Is responsible for keeping up to date GIS information on the Police officers laptops, Fire department laptops, Animal Control, Marshals and Parking Enforcement. There are a total of 425 laptops at this time.
  • Maintains the Advanced Vehicle Location server, which is the GPS tracking system for all Police vehicles.
  • Prepares maps for the detectives of crimes within the valley, crime scenes, and statistical maps.

Fire-- (702) 267-2216

  • Located @City Hall, 3rd Floor

    Fire Department GIS:
  • Responsible for the accuracy of the mobile mapping system (Motorola ATM) used by Fire Apparatus to reach calls in a timely manner.
  • Maintains all Preplan information for Fire Department response to sensitive locations.
  • Administers the City of Henderson’s Reverse 911 and Internal Notification applications and servers.
  • Provides direct GIS support of the City’s Emergency Management and Safety programs as well as GIS Emergency Operation Center support. 
  • Provides Fire Command Staff with analysis to best determine use and deployment of Station resources.
  • Assists the City of Henderson’s Fire Planning and Analysis division with mapping support of accreditation activities, internal reporting, and Command Staff needs.  

Community Development & Services -- (702) 267-1500

Located @ City Hall, 1st Floor

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)/Mapping Team combines planning and computer technology to offer a full range of services to city departments and development customers. The Mayor & Council and Planning Commission use GIS to make effective land use decisions through the use of visual data, reducing the need to conduct site visits to better understand the impacts of proposed projects. Using cutting-edge technology reduces the level of uncertainty inherent in land development and helps bring the greatest value to existing and future community projects. GIS support allows planners to be certain they are incorporating geographic and demographic data in the most efficient manner.

Our team updates all Planning Commission and Council approvals that impact existing Land Use and Entitlement maps. GIS/mapping is a critical function to support the City’s decision makers who rely on the data to preserve the quality of planning and development as the city grows and helps to ensure reinvestment in mature areas

GIS major functions and project support include: Zoning, Land Use, Public Hearing Notifications, City Council Agenda Items, Demographic Profile, Population Estimates, Comprehensive Plan Updates and Neighborhood Services Initiatives.  We also provide a variety of maps and reports, such as: Distance Separation Analysis, Slope Analysis, and Sector Analysis.

Public Works, Parks and Recreation -- (702) 267-3068

Located @ City Hall, 1st Floor

The Public Works Engineering Geographic Information Systems Team is responsible for developing and maintaining department infrastructure and asset databases, as well as supporting the seven divisions of Public Works in support of the departmental Purpose Statements.

  • Develops and supports Public Works infrastructure, GIS, the Asset Management Program, and enterprise geodatabase including:
    • Facility Management
    • Streets
    • Flood Control
    • Traffic
  • Maintains Local Improvement Districts (LID) data and mapping;
  • Develops and maintains Survey Benchmark database and intranet applications;
  • Compiles and publishes enterprise-wide Capital Improvement Plan data maps; (City of Henderson Capital Improvement Plan for Fiscal Years 2015 - 2020)
  • Compiles certification of City-maintained public roads/eligible fuel tax centerline mileage, and developer's private streets;
  • Manages civil project boundaries database;
  • Updates Regional Transportation Commission's FAST Fiber Optic conduit system;
  • Manages City-wide Autodesk, GIS, and CAD applications (purchasing, installation, licensing and maintenance); and
  • Provides customer requested maps and exhibits

Utility Services -- (702) 267-2500

Located @ City Hall, 2nd Floor

Department of Utility Services (DUS) GIS Team

Comprising of a Principal GIS Analyst, 4 GIS Analysts and 3 part-time GIS Student Assistants, the DUS GIS Team is responsible for supporting the needs of various business units within the Department of Utility Services.

Primary responsibilities:

  • GIS Data Management: Maintain 80+ GIS data layers of over 580,000 water, wastewater and reclaimed water infrastructure assets and appurtenances in versioned multi-user ESRI Enterprise Geodatabase. 
  • Information Delivery: Generate information products and deliver it to Department and City staff for timely decision support in operations and maintenance, planning and analysis.
  • Operational Optimization: Optimize and increase operational efficiencies by integrating GIS with various business processes and business systems.

Routine activities:

  • Ongoing update of utility GIS data based on
    • New approved civil projects
    • Approved revisions to civil projects
    • GPS data
    • Customer requests based on field observation
  • Tracking and reporting of data updates from the above sources
  • Generate and Deliver Information Products
    • Via CityView Desktop Mapping Application
    • Water and Sewer Atlas Maps
    • Water Distribution, Wastewater Collection, and Reclaimed Water Distribution System Maps
    • Facility Maps, Pressure Reducing Station Maps
    • Value added GIS data (data joined from various business systems) in File Geodatabase for consumption via ArcGIS Desktop
  • Process ad-hoc requests for GIS analysis, maps and reports

Current Projects (as of June 2012):

  • GPS Inventory of Utility Assets
  • GIS Data conversion and updates based on GPS Inventory
  • New 1” = 200’ Water and Sewer Atlas Map Series
  • Air-Vac Inventory
  • Small Water Meter Maintenance
  • GIS integration with
    • Maximo - Asset and Work Management System
    • Cayenta UM - Utility Billing System
    • CUES Granite XP – CCTV Pipeline Inspection System
Comcate eFM – Customer Relationship Management (CRM)/Request Management