Emergency Information

Flash Floods

What is a Flash Flood?

Flash floods are caused by In Southern Nevada, the Flash Flood season is generally between July and September.

What is the difference between a flood watch and flood warning?

A flood watch means that flooding is possible in the area. A flood warning means that flooding is already occurring or will occur soon.

What can I do to prepare for a Flash Flood?

  • Check to see if you have insurance that covers flooding
  • Keep insurance documents and other important documents in a safe place
  • When threatening weather is in the area, monitor conditions
  • Move furniture and valuables to higher ground
  • Do not let children or pets play in flood-prone areas
  • Stay off the roads if possible
  • Assemble a Disaster Supplies Kit including a first aid kit, canned food, can opener, bottled water, battery-operated radio, batteries and protective clothing
  • Know how to turn off utilities if told to do so by the authorities
  • Know where to go if told to evacuate
  • Keep handy any essential medications

What should I do during a Flash Flood?

  • Monitor the weather situation and emergency instructions provided by local authorities
  • Do not attempt to walk through flooded areas. Strong currents can quickly pull you under the water.
  • Never drive into flooded areas. If your car stalls, abandon it and get to higher ground.
  • Avoid natural washes and other detention basins where large amounts of water accumulates.
  • Be careful around power lines to avoid electrocution.

What can I do to receive emergency aid during the flood?

Call 911 immediately if you are in eminent danger. Do not call the Public Works Department for emergency assistance.

Once the flood is over, where do I go for emergency assistance?

Local officials will inform the public of local phone numbers to call for emergency aid. Phone numbers instituted for aid will also be listed on this Web site.

Where else can I go for information?