Henderson Community Education Advisory Board

Henderson Community Education Advisory Board (HCEAB)

The Henderson Community Education Advisory Board shall serve as a recommending body to the Henderson City Council in working with Henderson local school precincts to foster educational strategies that are in alignment with the overarching goals and policies of the City, reflect community input and aim to increase student achievement.

The Henderson Community Education Advisory Board is facilitated by the Education Initiatives Officers in the City Manager’s Office. The board is comprised of 15 community members including business owners, community leaders, educators and parents.

Meeting Information

The CEAB holds quarterly meetings generally on the first Wednesday of the month. Meetings are held in the Mayor & Council Boardroom, 240 S. Water Street, at 3:00 p.m. and run for approximately two hours.

Access the meeting agendas and back-up for previous and upcoming meeting dates here.

To learn more & get involved, please visit or

For additional information, please contact the Education Initiatives team in the City Manager's Office at
702-267-2054 or

Board Members

Lee Farris, Chair
Jodi Tyson, Vice-Chair
Stacey Allen
Steven Augspurger
Jenn Blackhurst
Patricia Charlton
Annette Dawson Owens
Richard Derrick
Mike O’Dowd
Dr. Dennis Potthoff
Dr. Marya Shegog
Wanda Shumar
Judi Steele
Elizabeth Trosper
Greg Wells

More information about our Board Members

Supplemental Information

Overview of the Nevada School Performance Framework Webinar presented on 11.5.18