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Livable Center at Galleria Plan

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Connecting Housing, Transportation and Jobs

Livable Centers Study logoThe Livable Centers Study is a pilot program led by the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) and Southern Nevada Strong (SNS), in partnership with a selected local jurisdiction. The study aims to develop quality, walkable, mixed-use places, increase multi-modal travel choices, improve environmental quality, and promote economic development, housing choices, and better health outcomes. Livable Centers programs underway in the Houston and Atlanta metropolitan regions serve as models for the SNS Livable Centers pilot program.

The City of Henderson applied for and was selected to develop a Livable Centers Study for FY 2019/2020. Henderson’s project, known as “Livable Centers at Galleria,” consists of approximately 245 acres, bordered by I-515 to the North and East, Sunset Rd to the South, and Stephanie St. to the West. The area of interest includes the Galleria at Sunset and surrounding properties, and a 110-acre vacant site just north of the shopping center. The study area has regional significance, being identified as an employment and urban center by the Southern Nevada Strong Regional Plan and the Henderson Strong Comprehensive Plan. The City of Henderson is interested in this area for reinvestment and to become a livable town center. One of the unique features of this area is the combination of undeveloped and developed parcels, with existing infrastructure already in place allowing implementation of infill development and increased connectivity.

The study area possesses many attributes that already create a foundation for a Livable Center. It has a close proximity to Henderson Hospital and Union Village, as well as having one of the highest concentrations of employers in Henderson, including the Galleria at Sunset, Sunset Station Hotel and Casino, and Sunset Carpentry Inc. It is served by three bus lines, (HDX, 115, and 212), bike lanes, and trails. These attributes combine to make the perfect area to create a more livable, pedestrian friendly town center.

Project Vision:

The Galleria area is one of Henderson’s urban centers, with a diverse mix of retail, housing and entertainment, where residents can live, work, and play. Through the Livable Center Study at Galleria, the City of Henderson will outline how to better connect the Galleria at Sunset and surrounding properties with existing job centers, transit routes, healthcare services and grocery outlets, while fostering a diverse mix of housing, commercial and public spaces, utilizing multimodal transportation and creating a truly livable community.

Project Goals and Anticipated Outcomes:

  • Coordinate private interest with city and regional investments in order to achieve optimal economic vitality of the area, making the case for redevelopment and new development.
  • Prioritize connectivity through strategies such as developing comfortable physical connections for pedestrians & bicycles, further improving existing bus infrastructure, encourage multimodal transit options.
  • Support mixed used development, with active uses such as retail and office space on the ground floors and residential above, creating higher density and fully utilizing all developable land.
  • Create housing opportunities that include a variety of housing choices, that address regional affordability needs by supporting mixed income development, permanent supportive housing, and housing with universal design that allows for aging in place.
  • Use programming, activity, and creative use of space to create public space that both local residents and regional visitors can use to recreate and connect.
  • Further develop the area as one of Henderson’s urban centers, putting together a district brand that includes signage and wayfinding.

Additional Information: 

Project Kickoff Presentation at City Council meeting (November 19, 2019)

This effort is a product of the Long Range Planning & Services Division of the Community Development and Services Department at the City of Henderson. The Long Range Planning & Services Division focuses on the practices areas of land use, analytical services, regional collaboration, and community outreach. All divisions of the Community Development and Services Department work to partner with the community to plan and promote a vibrant, safe, balanced, cohesive city for today and tomorrow.  

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