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Black Mountain Golf and Country Club

In order to keep the residents most up to date of the redevelopment of the former Black Mountain Golf and Country Club, staff will be maintaining this webpage to provide the most up to date information as it is received.  The list of documents is what has been submitted to the City, and will be revised at the project moves through the entitlement process.  The final documents will be provided to Planning Commission and City Council. 

January 16, 2020 - Application Resubmittal Information

April 8, 2020 Resubmittal Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the project include subsidized housing?  No, subsidized housing is not proposed within the Black Mountain Golf and Country Club project.

Is there multi-family proposed?  No, multi-family is not proposed.  There are single-family attached products (for example: townhouse) proposed as a product type available to be constructed.

Will there be 1,800 units developed?  Currently that is the maximum proposed by the developer.  This number has not been approved, but typically the maximum number of units is never constructed within a master plan development.

Will there be any rental units in the proposal?  As we understand the proposal, all units will be offered as for-sale products.

Is the golf course closure plan still valid and being monitored?  Yes, the closure plan is still in effect and being monitored.

This page will be updated as the City receives additional questions, revisions based upon staff comments and meeting with City representatives.

Any additional questions can be directed to Community Development and Services – Current Planning at (702)-267-1500 or via email at