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Short-Term Vacation Rentals

Short-Term Vacation Rentals

Ordinances will become effective October 14, 2019.

On July 16, 2019, the City of Henderson City Council adopted ordinances for the operation of short-term vacation rentals. A short-term vacation rental currently operating within the City of Henderson is considered illegal and should cease operation. The Short-Term Vacation Rental ordinances will become effective October 14, 2019. Any short-term vacation rental intending to operate within the City of Henderson must register with the City of Henderson on an annual basis and comply with the following ordinances:

Adopted Ordinance 3590 Short-Term Vacation Rental Registration Fee

The registration fee for a short-term vacation rental shall be $820.00. This fee shall be paid on an annual basis from the date the registration is approved by the City of Henderson. The fee is paid per property being registered as a short-term vacation rental.

Adopted Ordinance 3591 Short-Term Vacation Rental Development Code Regulations

Short-term vacation rental property owners will have a 30-day grace period beginning on October 14, 2019, to register their property with the City of Henderson. Any property being advertised after November 13, 2019, which does not contain a City of Henderson Registration Number in the advertisement of the property for rental, is subject to enforcement procedures as listed in Section 19.11.

The next few months, staff will be working to create an online registration process for short-term vacation rental property owners to register their property, as well as a hotline to be used to report any complaints regarding the operation of a short-term vacation rental.

Please stay tuned to this webpage for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a short-term vacation rental?  A permanent residential dwelling or any portion of such dwelling unit, rented for occupancy for a period of less than thirty (30) consecutive calendar days, excluding February, counting portions of calendar days as full days, regardless of whether a permanent resident is also present during the period of occupancy.

What do I need to rent my property as a short-term vacation rental?  Please review Section 19.5.3.G of the Henderson Development Code, which outlines the standards and regulations to operate a short-term vacation rental.  In addition, an annual registration fee will be required.

What if an HOA or CC&Rs prohibit short-term vacation rentals?  It is important to note that the City’s new ordinance does not alter the ability of common interest communities to prohibit short-term vacation rentals through their CC&Rs or other governing documents and to enforce those prohibitions within their community. The ordinance will require applicants for a city registration to certify in writing that operation of a short-term vacation rental would not violate any CC&Rs, bylaws, or other agreements governing the use of their property prior to obtaining a registration.  In the event that a dispute arises between a homeowner and his/her HOA regarding whether a short-term vacation rental is permitted, if the HOA obtains a judicial order as proof of the prohibition, the City would not allow a homeowner in that community to register.  If a property that has been registered and determined to be in violation of the judicial order regarding short-term vacation rental prohibition, the registration will be revoked by the City of Henderson.  The City does not enforce CC&Rs or HOA regulations.

How do I register my property for a short-term vacation rental? Registration will not begin until October 14, 2019.  Property owners of the short-term vacation rental will be able to register online or in person.  If you would own multiple properties and would like to register them as a short-term vacation rental, each property will require a separate annual registration.  If your property is located within an individually mapped multi-unit development (i.e. condominiums), the number of units permitted to register are 1 unit of 25 percent of the number of units within the building, whichever is greater.  Short-term vacation rentals are prohibited in apartment units.

How much does it cost to register my property as a short-term vacation rental?  The registration fee is $820.00, which is due annually from date of registration issuance.

Is short-term vacation rental registration transferrable?  No, the registration is only valid for the property owner at time of issuance.  If the property is sold, the registration is terminated.

Does short-term vacation rental registration apply to multiple properties?  No, the short-term vacation rental registration is valid only for one residential property.

Is there a minimum rental period for a booking?  Yes.  A two-night minimum booking is required.

Is the City creating a waiting list for a unit within an individually mapped multi-unit structures prior to registration?  No, the City is not creating a waiting list.  Those properties located within an individually mapped multi-unit structure (townhouse, condominium, single-family attached, etc.) will register on a first come, first served basis.  Once the maximum number within the building is reached, no further registrations will be issued.  Short-term vacation rentals are prohibited in apartment units.

Am I required to pay transient-lodging tax?  Yes, each short-term vacation rental registered with the City of Henderson will be required to pay transient lodging tax on a monthly basis as required in Title 4.48 of the Henderson Municipal Code.

How do I obtain my short-term vacation rental certification? Certification must be obtained through a City of Henderson approved Short-Term Vacation Rental Certification class.  City of Henderson approved certification classes are currently being offered through College of Southern Nevada, University of Central Florida, Dixie State University and Utah Valley University.  You can search for “Short-Term Rental Certification” in the school’s search bar to find the course.

Certification is required for the property owner and the registered local contact person.  Additional resources for certification will be added.  If you are a property manager licensed under NRS 645, certification is not required, a copy of your state license will be required at time of registration.

Any additional questions can be directed to Community Development and Services – Current Planning at (702)-267-1500 or via email at