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Open Space and Trails Plan


Our vision is to create an interconnected system of protected desert environments throughout the built environment with parks, off-street trails, and open spaces for recreation and education, and compatible cultural programs, to enhance our community's unique image and sense of place.  Henderson will have one of the most connected, safe trail systems in the Las Vegas Valley for both recreation and alternative transportation.

Today's Challenge

The Mojave Desert's unique plants, animals, steep slopes, and expansive valleys within and surrounding the City of Henderson define our community's sense of place and provides opportunities for recreation and relaxation.

With a current population of approximately 246,000, the City is expected to continue to experience tremendous population growth in West Henderson and through infill projects. In order to balance growth with conservation efforts, residents and City leadership have acknowledged the need to begin protecting the Henderson's special places through the Open Space Plan.

Tomorrow's Vision
The goal is to respect the land and integrate the desert environment into the community as it grows. In other words, to conserve through development, as demonstrated by recent master planned communities built around the "green infrastructure" of trails, greenways, natural washes, and open spaces.

The purpose of the Open Space and Trails Plan is to take advantage of clear opportunities to protect special places, provide accessible trails, and conserve natural resources while maintaining the City's vibrant economy. The Plan serves as an important policy document that can effectively guide the City of Henderson in its recreation, public facilities, and community planning for the next five years.

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