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Welcome to the new City of Henderson Development Process Guide. This guide was designed by the Community Development Department staff specifically to assist the general public with navigating the City of Henderson development review process. The goal is to provide a basic understanding of various city requirements when seeking to develop property within the City. In order to use this guide, please choose from a series of links within the alphabetical links provided below. We hope you find this guide informative and useful.


Accessory Dwelling Unit

A dwelling unit either attached to a single-family principal dwelling or located on the same lot and having an independent means of access.  An accessory dwelling unit shall be allowed only through the conditional use process and only as accessory use to a single-family detached residential dwelling unit.

Accessory Structures/Buildings

An accessory structure/building is defined as a building or structure detached from a principal building and customarily used with, and clearly incidental and subordinate to, the principal building or use, and ordinarily located on the same lot with such principal building.

Address Display Requirements

Address Number Change

A change of address may be requested by a property owner or developer for residential or commercial lots. This application is processed and reviewed by Community Development with a 10 business day turnaround. The application and notification fee is non-refundable. If the request is approved, the address will be officially changed and notification will be sent to all necessary parties.

Addressing  (Commercial Site Plan)

After Design Review is approved, a copy of the approved site plan is submitted to Community Development for addressing.  The addressing should be complete within ten working days; there is no fee for this application.

Addressing (Recorded Map)

After a subdivision map has been recorded, a copy of the conformed (recorded) map is submitted to Community Development for final addressing. The addressing should be complete within ten working days; there is no fee for this application. Projects that have received Early Addressing must also submit an application for final addressing. If there is a discrepancy between Early Addressing and Recorded Addressing, the applicant must either file a Certificate of Amendment or Address Number Change.

Administrative Adjustment

An Administrative Adjustment is defined as a minor deviation from otherwise applicable standards that may be approved by the Community Development Director. Applications for administrative adjustments may be submitted for the following:


Appeal of Decision

An appeal is a procedure by which a decision, interpretation, or enforcement action is brought from a lower decision-making authority to a higher authority for determination. An appeal must be filed within nine (9) days of the decision being appealed.

Application Forms

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Bicycle Parking

Safe and accessible bicycle parking is essential to the City's vision of becoming a Bicycle Friendly Community and providing a truly multi-model transportation system.  By providing safe and adequate bicycle parking facilities for visitors and employees, they will feel more comfortable utilizing a bicycle to commute and visit commercial centers.  In addition, by encouraging more bicycling throughout the city, it will help to reduce motor vehicle usage and pollution within the community.  Bicycle parking will need to be designed not only to provide a safe and secure location for bicycle parking, but also to be visually attractive to help provide a sense of character and uniqueness.

Boundary Line Adjustment

A boundary line adjustment adjusts the ownership lines of a property, but does not alter the platted property lines.  City of Henderson City Surveyor approval is required prior to submitting the application and record of survey. Boundary Line Adjustment reviews follows the 3-2-1 review process.

Building Permits/DSC Online

Community Development is one of several city departments involved in the building permit plan review process. To check the status of a building permit, visit DSC Online and enter the building permit number.

Business License

Community Development performs several functions that are part of the business license application process.

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Attached Carports handout

CC&Rs (Residential)

CC&Rs (Codes, Covenants and Restrictions) are put in place by the developer of the subdivision. The City of Henderson does not enforce CC & R's. They are enforced through your Home Owner's Association (HOA). If you do not have an HOA, they are enforced through the court system.

Certificate of Amendment

A Certificate of Amendment application may be submitted to correct minor omissions and errors in a map such as street name spelling errors, incorrect street name suffix or unit number, and other minor adjustments as determined by the Nevada Revised Statutes.

Certificate of Amendment application

Certificate of Occupancy

The Community Development Department is one of several city departments that conduct inspections for Certificate of Occupancy. All departments must sign off on the inspection before a certificate of occupancy will be issued. Community Development conducts Certificate of Occupancy inspections for the following permit types:
  • Commercial and industrial shell buildings
  • Commercial and industrial tenant improvements
  • Sales Trailers
  • Commercial accessory buildings
  • Multifamily developments

Development Services Center (DSC) web page

Circulation and Mobility (Street Connectivity)

The purpose of this section is to support the creation of a highly connected transportation system within the City in order to provide choices for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians; increase effectiveness of local service delivery; promote walking and bicycling; connect neighborhoods to each other and to local destinations such as employment, schools, parks, and shopping centers; reduce vehicle miles of travel and travel times; improve air quality; reduce emergency response times; mitigate the traffic impacts of new development, and free up arterial capacity to better serve regional long-distance travel needs. These standards attempt to avoid the creation of large, isolated tracts without routes for through traffic or pedestrian and bicycle connections.

Circulation Plan required:

  1. Except for new detached and attached single-family residential uses with less than five (parcel map) dwellings, or property of one-half acre or less zoned nonresidential or mixed-use, all new development and redevelopment in the City shall prepare a circulation plan.
  2. The circulation plan shall address street connectivity, emergency and service vehicle access, parking movements, accommodation of loading operations, turning radii, traffic calming measures where future “cut-through” traffic is likely, and similar issues.
  3. The Community Development Director may waive the requirement for a circulation plan on a case-by-case basis in the event that a new development is expected to have no impact upon circulation or proposes no change in existing circulation patterns. This provision shall not be construed to exempt development that includes additional parking, driveways, or substantial modifications to the existing pedestrian network.
  4. A circulation plan shall be submitted with a PUD, master plan, tentative map, or application for zoning or design review, as appropriate.

View Sec. 19.7.3 of the Henderson Development Code
 Street Connectivity Index handout

Civil Improvement Plans

The Community Development Department is one of several city departments that review civil improvement plans. Civil improvement plans are processed through the Development Services Center.  To check the status of a civil improvement plan under review visit DSC Online Public Works web site.

Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan Amendment

Comprehensive Plan Amendments, according to the Nevada Revised Statutes, shall be heard by Planning Commission and City Council. The City of Henderson also requires that a Concept Plan Review be submitted at least one filing cycle previous to the Comprehensive Plan Amendment application submittal. Applications may be filed with Community Development.  Refer to the Filing Schedule for meeting dates.

Commercial Subdivision Final Map

A commercial subdivision map is typically one commercial lot to be further divided by Deed and memorialized by Record of Survey for ownership purposes. A commercial final map is submitted with the Final Map application and follows the 3-2-1 Checklist process.

Concept Plan Review

The concept plan review is a courtesy review designed to provide applicants with feedback from various city departments prior to submission of a formal application. No fee is charged, no approval or denial is issued, and there is no entitlement associated with a concept plan review.

Unless waived by the Community Development Director, concept plan review by the Development Review Committee shall be required prior to the submission of an application for:

  1. Comprehensive Plan future land use map amendment (Sec. 19.6.4.A);
  2. Rezoning to Planned Unit Developments (PUD) or to the Master Plan (MP) Overlay (Sec. 19.6.4.D);
  3. A use with 50,000 square feet or more of floor area (Sec. 19.6.6.B.3);
  4. Redevelopment on lots within the redevelopment overlay (Sec. 19.6.6.C, Redevelopment Area Review, and Sec. 19.6.6.C, Redevelopment Overlay);
  5. Projects of Significant Impact (Sec. 19.6.3.A.4);
  6. Projects of Regional Significance (Sec. 19.6.3.A.5); and
  7. Hillside projects, or projects with slopes greater than 15 percent (Sec. 19.4.8).
  8. Any Wireless Communication Facility as defined by Section 19.5.4.T.

Concept plan review by the Development Agreement Advisory Committee (DAAC) shall be required prior to submission of an application for any development that meets the development agreement criteria in Section 19.6.10.A.1.

Conditional Use Permit

A conditional use permit is defined as a discretionary approval process for uses with unique or widely varying operating characteristics or unusual site development features.  The procedure encourages public review and evaluation of a use’s operating characteristics and site development features and is intended to ensure that proposed conditional uses will not have a significant adverse impact on surrounding uses or the community-at-large. A conditional use permit requires a public hearing before the Planning Commission, which may approve, approve with conditions, or deny the application.

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Demographic Profile

An annually produced booklet containing a variety of statistics frequently requested about the city of Henderson and its residents.

Demographic Profile web page

Design Review

A design review is a review procedure for determining compliance with the site planning, building design, and architectural standards of the Development Code.

Design Standards

The purpose of these standards is to ensure that the physical characteristics of proposed buildings and uses are compatible when considered in the context of the surrounding area and community as a whole.  Developments should be innovative in architectural design, while enhancing the visual appearance of the city of Henderson and promoting a sense of community.  They are intended to promote the design of an urban environment that is built to human scale, to encourage creativity in new developments, and to foster attractive street fronts and pedestrian environments while accommodating vehicular movement and access.

Development Application Process

Development Code

Distance Separation Analysis

Downtown Development

Downtown Henderson is  a collection of civic, medical, retail, restaurants, employment, housing and gathering spaces. These components help establish the downtown as a place people choose to live, work, and play. The Downtown Master Plan was developed to further enhance the sustainability of the downtown community for our residents, businesses and visitors alike. With the implementation of the Downtown Master Plan, new development standards and guiding principles have been established to provide a flexible framework for property owners, businesses and developers to operate within. 

DSC Online

Log on to DSC Online to check the status of Community Development entitlement applications, building permits, building inspections, civil improvement plans and more.

Dwelling, Live/Work

A structure or portion of a structure combining a residential living space for one or more persons with an integrated work space principally used by one or more of the residents.

Dwelling, Mansion Apartment

A structure configured to appear as a large single-family dwelling with or without individual entryways, porches, or balconies.  These use types include more than two, but not more than six individual dwelling units.

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Early Addressing

The addresses of residential subdivisions are assigned after the recordation of the final map. However, if certain criteria are met, application for early addressing may be submitted to facilitate the issuance of certain building permits (model permits and perimeter block wall permits) prior to the recordation of the map. Addresses are assigned for the entire subdivision, even though only a few may be needed. In order to be eligible for early addressing, a subdivision final map must have completed the first review through all departments, and received approval of the Community Development Street Name final map review.

Extension of Time

The lapse of approval time frames established by the procedures of Chapter 19.6 may be extended only when all of the following conditions exist:
  1. The provisions of this chapter must expressly allow the extension.
  2. An extension request must be filed prior to the applicable lapse-of-approval deadline.
  3. The extension request must be filed in a form and include all exhibits and fees established by the Community Development Director.

Unless otherwise stated, authority to grant extensions of time shall rest with the decision making body that granted the original approval (the one being extended).

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Fee Schedule

Filing Schedule

Final Map

A commercial subdivision or a residential subdivision of five lots or more requires an approved tentative map prior to submitting a final map application. In addition to the tentative map approval, an approved drainage study and 1st review of civil improvement plans are also required, when applicable.  Final map reviews follow the 3-2-1 review process.

Fences & Walls (Residential)

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Gaming Overlay (See 19.4.6)

Gaming Enterprise Overlay (G) is intended to comply with Chapter 463 of NRS, as amended, by seeking to ensure adequate roads, water, sanitation, utilities, and related services to areas where nonrestricted gaming establishments are proposed.  Such establishments shall enhance, expand, and stabilize employment and the local economy.  Such establishments shall not unduly impact public services, consumption of natural resources, or the quality of life enjoyed by the residents of surrounding neighborhoods.  Such establishments shall not be detrimental to the health, safety, or general welfare of the community or be incompatible with the surrounding area.

GIS Maps & Data

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Handouts & Checklists

Hillside Overlay

The intent of the Hillside Overlay is to provide for the reasonable use of hillside areas through development regulations that address density allocation, site disturbance, re-vegetation, preservation of natural areas, slope stabilization, grading standards, and wall standards. The Hillside Checklist is available to aid applicants in determining if proposed development meets the Hillside Overlay development regulations.

Home Occupation Permit

A Home Occupation Permit is required to operate a business from a residence.  A Home Occupation is any activity carried out for a gain by a resident conducted as an accessory use in the resident's dwelling unit or accessory building.  This does not include live/work dwellings.

Home Owners Association (HOA) – Register

Register your Home Owners Association (HOA) with Neighborhood Services.

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The Community Development Department is one of several city departments that conduct inspections for Certificate of Occupancy.  Inspection and requests for inspections are processed through the Development Services Center.

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J, K and L

Land Division

Landscape Maintenance District

A landscape maintenance district is defined as the sum of all legal parcels of real property containing improvements requested by the applicant to be included and maintained within the district in accordance with City of Henderson standards. For the purposes of the district, improvements refer to landscaping, public lighting, and security walls. The maintenance district property shall be shown as a common area on the final map for the residential subdivision. The ownership of the maintenance district property will be ownership in common shared by the applicant and all future owners of property within the residential subdivision.

Landscape Requirements

Landscaping Permit

The landscape permit is required for those landscape plans that are not part of a building permit submittal.

Land Use

Land use determines how a piece of property is/or will be zoned. The land use is directly related to zoning of the parcel. Though zoning and land use might not coincide when a parcel is undeveloped, the land use determines what type of use is "planned" for the property.

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Any fixed place of business where any individual, firm, association, partnership, corporation, or combination of individuals, engages in, conducts, carries on, or permits to be engaged in or conducted, for money or any other consideration, any massage or health treatments involving massage including, but not limited to, those businesses that provide massage accessory to their principal permitted use.  The definition of massage and the regulations set forth in this section do not apply to massage therapy performed by a person specified in NRS 640C.100(1)(a) if the massage therapy is performed in the course of the practice for which the person is licensed.  See Business License for licensing requirements.

Master Planned Communities


Master Sign Plan

The intent of a master sign plan is to ensure an appropriate balance building architecture, signage, and neighborhood aesthetics.  Master Sign Plans require Planning Commission approval. Except in downtown zoning districts, a master sign plan is required for each of the following uses:
  1. Non-restricted or limited gaming establishments.
  2. Any nonresidential development with a cumulative gross floor area of 50,000 square feet or more.
  3. Any development with a cumulative gross site area of ten acres or more.
  4. Any development whose signage requires, by Planning Commission or City Council action, coordination with its surrounding area or coordination with an approved site and design review plan.
  5. Any other development or circumstance expressly subject to a master sign plan.
  6. Proposals seeking modifications or reductions to applicable sign regulations require Planning Commission approval per Section 19.8.11.H.
  7. Any residential development seeking signage that exceeds the requirements of 19.8.6.C.

Master Transportation Plan

All streets with right-of-ways of 80 feet and wider are indicated on the City’s Master Transportation Plan.

Mixed Use Districts and Standards Checklist


The MN district is established for horizontal and vertical mixed-use development and/or buildings.  Development shall include pedestrian scaled, neighborhood-serving nonresidential uses and high-density residential uses in the same structure or in close proximity.  Maximum district size is 10 acres.


The MC district is intended to allow the vertical and horizontal mixing of uses at a higher scale than is appropriate for neighborhood locations.  The district is intended to apply along the Boulder Highway and other transit-supportive development corridors.


The MR district is intended to encourage and facilitate the development of large-scale, distinctive, attractive regional centers containing a mix of concentrated land uses.  These high-quality and highly visible regional activity centers are intended to serve as Henderson's "image-makers."  All development in the district is subject to an approved master plan and shall be approved through a rezoning to the MP overlay district.  A minimum district size of 50 acres is required.

Multifamily Development

A building containing seven or more dwelling units, each of which include a separate household.

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Neighborhood Association – Register

Register your Neighborhood Association with Neighborhood Services.

Neighborhood Meeting

The City encourages developers to hold neighborhood meetings for any proposed development.  For larger or potentially contentious projects, the Community Development Department may require a neighborhood meeting to ensure input from the public.  As of 2006, State law requires a neighborhood meeting for any development that includes a Comprehensive Plan Amendment application.
Neighborhood Meeting Reference Guide


Uses, structures, lots, signs, and other situations that came into existence legally, but do not comply with one or more requirements of this Code.

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Parcel Map

A parcel map is a map of four lots or less. A parcel map does not require an approved tentative map.  An approved drainage study and 1st review of civil improvement plans are required prior to submitting a parcel map, when applicable. Parcel map reviews follow the 3-2-1 review process.

Parking Requirements

The Off-Street Parking and Loading standards shall apply to any new development, other than legal non-conforming uses. The standards shall also apply when an existing structure is expanded or enlarged, or for a change of use that would result in a requirement for more parking or loading spaces than the existing use.

Patio Covers

Planned Unit Development (PUD)

The Planned Unit Development (PUD) Overlay is intended to encourage innovative land planning and site design concepts that achieve a high level of environmental sensitivity, energy efficiency, aesthetics, high-quality development, and other community goals by:

  1. Reducing or eliminating the inflexibility that sometimes results from strict application of zoning standards that were designed primarily for individual lots.
  2. Allowing greater freedom in selecting the means to provide access, light, open space, and design amenities.
  3. Promoting quality urban design and environmentally sensitive development by allowing development to take advantage of special site characteristics, locations and other uses.
  4. Requiring compliance with development standards that reflect the high level of public investment in adjoining lands.

PUDs may also be used to accommodate neo-traditional (Traditional Neighborhood Development) designs.

Planning Commission

Political Signs (Temporary Off-Premise Election Signs)

A temporary election sign is an off-premises sign that advertises, promotes, supports, or opposes a candidate, issue or ballot question to be decided in a scheduled election. This definition includes city, county, and other public elections as well as elections of clubs, labor unions and other organizations not conducted by the city, county or state.

Each candidate for political office and each organization or individual supporting a position on an issue of ballot question who places a temporary off-premise election sign within the Henderson City Limits, must first obtain a permit to do so from the Henderson Director of Building and Safety. The purpose of the permit is to provide the Director of Building and Safety with the name and pertinent information about the campaign manager or party responsible for repair of damaged or hazardous signs, and to monitor and remove all unclaimed signs following the election. Signs placed in Henderson without benefit of the proper permit will be removed and impounded until a permit is obtained.

The maximum size of a Temporary Election sign shall be 18 square feet in residential zones and 128 square feet in all other zones.


(a) Temporary off-premises election signs must not visually block any area within a street right-of-way or be located within the site visibility zone when taller than 24 inches above the curb or edge of pavement where no curb exists.  Where no pavement exists, measurement must be made from the edge of the travel way.
(b)  Signs may not be placed on private property without the property owner's or authorized agent's written consent.  Written consent shall be provided to the city upon request.  Signs may not be placed, posted, or otherwise affixed within public right-of-way, medians, or upon any public property and on any site with construction fencing.

Time Allowed; Removal

Temporary off-premise election signs may be installed on or after January 1 of the year in which the election for that registered candidate or qualified ballot question occurs.  Each temporary off-premise election sign must be removed by the permittee within ten days of the election in which the office, issue, or ballot question is decided.  Any such election sign found to be in violation of the provisions of this Code must be brought into conformance by the permittee upon notification by the building official.  If the permittee fails to make appropriate corrections in a timely manner, the building official is authorized to remove or cause to have removed any signs in violation and impound those signs until the permittee can make the necessary corrections.  Following the election in which the subject office, issue, or ballot question is decided, all unclaimed election signs will become the property of the City and will be disposed of at the discretion of the City.

Population Estimate

The population and number of dwelling units by U.S. Postal zip code for the city of Henderson. This estimate is compiled quarterly by using certificate of occupancy data for the city of Henderson, an annual occupancy survey conducted by the U.S. Postal Service, and persons per household data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Population Forecast

The projected population by U.S. Postal zip code in five year increments for the city of Henderson.  This projection is modeled using the currently adopted Land Use plan, as well as current and expected future development trends.

Property Maintenance Code

The purpose of this code is to promote the life, health, safety, aesthetic, economic, and general welfare of the citizens of the City and protect neighborhoods against nuisances, blight, and deterioration. The Code establishes minimum requirements for the occupancy and maintenance of all residential and non-residential buildings, whether vacant or occupied, and the maintenance of all land, whether improved or unimproved. The Property Maintenance Code is enforced by the Community Development and Services Code Enforcement Division.

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Q and R

Reasonable Accommodation

It is the policy of the City of Henderson to provide individuals with disabilities reasonable accommodation in its rules, policies, practices, and procedures to ensure the equal access to housing and facilitate the development of housing for individuals with disabilities in compliance with the Federal Fair Housing Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The application provides a procedure for making requests for reasonable accommodations in land use and zoning policies, practices, and procedures of the City of Henderson to comply fully with the intent and purpose of the federal acts.

    Reasonable Accommodation Application

Recommended Plant List

The Plant List is a comprehensive list of trees, shrubs, and groundcovers reviewed and recommended by the City of Henderson Parks and Recreation Department. See also the list of Shade Trees recommended for use in parking areas.


Any establishment that involves the application of specific pressure by the use of the licensed practitioner's hands, thumbs, and fingers to reflex points in the client's hands, feet or ears using alternating pressure, and such techniques as thumb walking, finger walking, hook and back up, and rotation on a reflex.  This practice does not involve the removal of any clothes other than shoes or socks.


Reversionary Map

A reversionary map reverts previously subdivided property to acreage.  City of Henderson City Surveyor approval is required prior to submitting the application and record of survey. Reversionary map reviews follow the 3-2-1 review process.


Appropriate zoning must be in place before property can be developed. A zone change application may be submitted to request the rezoning of a property. The process takes approximately 8 weeks and includes two public hearings. To obtain additional information concerning the zoning change process, contact the Community Development Department.

Rural Neighborhood Overlay District

The intent of this district is to preserve the rural character of the neighborhood by identifying and maintaining the density unique to each of these rural neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are generally located in areas populated by residents with common interests in more open-space lifestyles than experienced in urban neighborhoods. This overlay district includes specific development regulations intended to preserve the rural character by not requiring sidewalks, streetlights, curbs, or gutters on residential streets.

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Senior Apartments and Condominiums

An apartment or condominium development in which the ages of all occupants shall be restricted to 62 years of age or older for all units; or in the alternative, at least one resident in each of 80 percent of the units shall be 55 years of age or older.  This use included multifamily dwelling units that qualify as "housing for older persons' under the provision of federal law, including without limitations housing developments that:

  1. Provide significant facilities and services specifically designed to meet the physical or social needs of older persons; and
  2. Publish and adhere to policies and procedures that demonstrate intent to provide housing for persons 55 years of age or older to the extent allowed by applicable state or federal law.

Setbacks (Residential)

A setback refers to a line within a lot parallel to a corresponding lot line, which is established to govern the location of buildings, structures, or uses. Setbacks are measured as the distance between the nearest lot line and the foundation of a building or structure along a line at right angles to the lot line.

Shade Trees

The following shade trees are suggested for use in parking areas:

  1. Chitalpa tashkentensis – Chitalpa
  2. Cercicium – Palo Verde
  3. Pistacia chinensis – Chinese Pistache
  4. Prosopis – Mesquite (only when planted in a 8’ wide planter, like a median planter, no diamonds)
  5. Quercus – Oak
  6. Fraxinus velutina – Ash (also in median planter, not in diamonds; a root barrier is required)
  7. Gleditsia tricanthos inermis – Honey Locust (thornless)
  8. Robinia pseudoacacia – Black Locust
  9. Ulmus parvifolia – Chinese Elm

Also see the Recommended Plant List for a full list of plant materials recommended by the City of Henderson Parks and Recreation Department.


A sign permit, which is required for certain wall and freestanding signs, may be obtained at the Development Services Center at Henderson City Hall (240 Water Street, Henderson, NV 89015). In order to obtain a sign permit, you must be a licensed C6 contractor by the State of Nevada and have a business license within the City of Henderson. Attached signs include most signs attached to, applied on, or supported by any part of a building. A freestanding sign includes most signs connected to the ground. Certain types of signs are excluded from regulation. Information concerning procedures related to Sign Permits is available from the Development Services Center.

Slope Analysis

Solar Collection Systems

Any solar collector or other solar energy device, certified pursuant to state law, along with ancillary equipment, whose primary purpose is to provide for the collection, storage, and distribution of solar energy for space heating, space cooling, electrical generation, or water heating.

Street Address Maps (SAM)

Street Directory

The City of Henderson Street Directory is now available online and in a printable format.  The online version of the Street Directory will allow everyone to obtain information regarding City of Henderson streets (official/legal street names, public and/or private).  The Street Directory is used by City Departments, as well as, outside agencies, to assist with street locations and data.  This information is crucial since it determines liability for service requests; such as street signs, street lights and street maintenance.  The fire map information in the directory is used by 911 Emergency Response personnel to assist with their calls.

Street Name Approval

All street names within the City of Henderson must be approved by the City of Henderson Community Development Department. Proposed street names must be submitted to Community Development for review prior to submittal of a final map application. Street names must be submitted in alphabetical order, and only after the applicant has eliminated duplicate street names by checking the names against an established local map book. If foreign names are requested, the applicant must provide the English translation of each name.

Street Name Change

Suite Numbering


This section is intended to promote sustainable development within the City of Henderson by creating incentives for compact, mixed-use development patterns; encouraging solar and other alternative energy sources; promoting alternative means of transportation like bicycling and walking that can improve community health while helping reduce air pollution; protecting trees that absorb greenhouse gases and reduce storm water runoff and pollutants; and, encouraging water efficient landscaping and protecting water resources.

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Temporary Addresses

Temporary addresses are assigned to temporary buildings and structures that need addresses for location or permitting purposes only. Examples of structure issued temporary addresses include, but are not limited to construction trailers, irrigation meters, temporary directional signs, and entry walls.

Temporary Signs

Temporary signs are defined as signs that are installed for a limited time and are not constructed or intended for long term use. Examples of temporary signs include temporary directional signs, temporary election signs, special event signs, and temporary promotional signs. Temporary sign permits are required for some classifications of temporary signs; contact Community Development for specific sign standards and requirements.

Temporary Use Permit

Applications for temporary use permits may be submitted to the Community Development for review. Once approved, temporary use permits shall be valid for a specified period of time, not to exceed 30 days. Any temporary uses requested for periods of time exceeding 30 days shall be processed as a Conditional Use Permit.

Tentative Map

A tentative map is a map indicating the proposed layout of a subdivision of five or more lots or for a commercial subdivision. A tentative map must be approved by the Planning Commission before a final map can be submitted.

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U and V



The Variance application is the means by which the Planning Commission may grant relief from a provision of the Development Code because the Commission finds that strict conformance would be an unusual hardship not created by the owner, but depriving him of reasonable use of the lot. Such a grant specifies a minimum deviation or deviations from the regulations intended to cure the hardship, but does not create detrimental conditions affecting abutting property owners or the public at large.

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Waiver Request Form

Water Conservation Guidelines & Restrictions

  • View Sec. 14.14 of the Henderson Municipal Code

Wind Energy Systems

A wind energy conversion system consisting of a wind turbine and associated control or conversion electronics mounted to a tower or building that has a rated capacity of not more than 10 kilowatts or less for residential use or 100 kilowatts or less for nonresidential uses and that is intended to primarily reduce onsite consumption of utility power.

Wireless Communication Facilities

Wireless communication facilities include antennas, towers, poles, or other transmitting devices or structures that are used in for telephone, radio, and similar communication purposes. Wireless communication towers include slim-line or monopole towers; alternative tower structures include man-made trees, bell steeples, light poles and other similar alternative design mounting structures that camouflage or conceal the presence of antennas or towers.

View Sec. 19.5.4 of the Henderson Development Code

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X, Y and Z

Zone Change

Appropriate zoning must be in place before property can be developed. A zone change application may be submitted to request the rezoning of a property. The process takes approximately 8 weeks and includes two public hearings. To obtain additional information concerning the zoning change process, contact the Community Development Department.

Zoning Compliance

The Community Development Department reviews business license applications to verify that the proposed use is allowed in the zoning district in which it will be located and that the business meets all of the standards and requirements of that district. The Zoning Compliance Check Form is completed by the Community Development Department although the review is part of the Business License application process.

Zoning Ordinance

The zoning ordinance of the City of Henderson is referred to as the Henderson Development Code. The current version of the Henderson Development Code was adopted on October 18, 2011, as Title 19 of the Henderson Development Code.

Zoning Verification Letter

Upon request, the Community Development Department will issue a letter verifying the zoning of a specific property. Please submit a Zoning Verification Letter Request including the following:

  • Parcel number and/or address of the subject property (please contact Community Development if you have more than three contiguous parcels as fees may be higher);
  • Name and address of party to whom the zoning verification letter should be addressed and mailed;
  • A check in the amount of $100 made payable to the City of Henderson. Please note that requests for additional research beyond the zoning information may incur additional fees.
  • The Zoning Verification Letter does not include information on Certificates of Occupancy, Code Violations, Building Permits, Nonconformance, Flood Plains or availability of utilities.

Upon receipt of the written request and accompanying fee(s), the typical turnaround time for a Zoning Verification Letter is 10 business days.  An expedited service is not available.