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"Born in America’s defense", the historical origins of the Henderson community were rooted during World War II. The primary supplier of magnesium, Henderson produced this miracle metal used in the manufacturing of munitions and airplane parts to the U.S. War Department and was vital to the Allied forces success.

Officially incorporated in 1953, the city of Henderson has developed into a community with premier services, amenities, and opportunities. Chartered in 1965 as a Council and Manager form of government, the Mayor and City Council address the legislative needs of the city with four City Council members representing residents within distinct wards and elected at large. The City Manager is appointed by the City Council to administer the overall city organization.

As the largest full-service city in the state of Nevada, Henderson is nationally recognized for accredited departments – Building & Fire SafetyFirePoliceParks and Recreation and Public Works – and award winning services including the Development Services Center. In addition, the city has continued to be fiscal stewards by maintaining one of the lowest tax rates and becoming the first to achieve the highest bond rating of any other Nevada municipality. Visit one of our many city departments to discover why Henderson is known as a place to call home.