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Municipal Elections

Municipal Elections

Henderson Municipal Elections are governed by Nevada Revised Statues (NRS). Municipal elections are held in conjunction with the statewide election calendar in even-numbered years. The next City of Henderson Municipal Election will be held in 2022. 

Visit the About - Mayor and Council webpage to learn more about how they are elected.

Initiatives & Referenda

Initiatives and referenda are processes that allow Nevada citizens to utilize a petition circulation process to propose new legislation, amend the Nevada Constitution or existing state statutes or approve or disapprove of existing laws. They are both methods of involving voters directly in the legislative process of government.

For additional information, visit the Nevada Secretary of State's website. The site contains important deadlines, guides, forms and maps.

2019 Legislative Session


The passage of AB50 mandates that the City of Henderson Municipal Elections be moved to the statewide election calendar held in even-numbered years. The next City of Henderson municipal election will be held in 2022. Current elected officials terms have been extended by 1.7 years.

Extended Terms


AB282 requires a ballot question be presented to Henderson voters on ward-only voting for Henderson council members. The question will be placed on the November 2022 ballot. If the ballot question passes, ward-only voting will apply to primary and general elections and go into effect immediately upon passage.