Building And Fire Safety

Fire Safety - Smoke Control & Removal

Smoke Control and Smoke Removal Systems
Smoke control (smoke management) and smoke
removal systems are mechanical systems that
control or manage the movement of smoke
during or after a fire.

This page has information for building owners regarding
periodic inspection testing and maintenance requirements
for smoke control and/or removal systems. This page also has
information for designers regarding design and operational
requirements for these systems.


Information for Building Owners

An effective inspection, testing and maintenance (ITM)
program is essential for these systems to function
properly. For this reason the fire code requires periodic
ITM by an approved special inspection agency. Effective
special inspection will help to identify failures in
systems so that corrective maintenance can be performed.
This will help to ensure to a reasonable degree that the
system is capable of functioning when required.

  • Guideline - Inspection and Periodic Testing of Smoke Control and/or Removal Systems
  • Contact Fire Safety Engineering
  • Contact Area Fire Inspector
  • Fire Code
Information for System Designers
  • Smoke Control Annunciator Sample
  • Combined Fire Alarm/Smoke Control Matrix Sample
  • Smoke Control Matrix Sample
  • Submittal Information Sheet
  • Plan Review Checklist
  • Panel Guide Checklist
  • Reference Fire Safety Engineering Bulletin 034