Building And Fire Safety

Building Permits

The Building Permit consists of three or more pages and four parts. All pages of the permit must be maintained together for the inspector's use and for your records. Do not divide up and only send the inspection portion to the field. If needed, make additional copies for field and office use. The following is a basic list of the components of the Building Permit.

Cover Page. The cover page gives the general overall information on the permit.

Inspections. The second portion of the permit is a list of inspections commonly required for that permit type. On occasion additional inspection types are required for a specific permit. Click here to access a list of all possible building inspection types. Inspections may be scheduled on-line.

Conditions of Approval. Conditions of Approval are requirements placed on a permit or development. These may require submittal of documents or applications, may require inspections to occur, etc. These must be read carefully and fully understood by the responsible party to avoid delays in the project.

Comments. Comments are additional notes and information about the permit. Not all permits will have comments.   As an example, a production home permit will list the options that are approved for that address in the comments section.


Building Inspections

Scheduling a Building Inspection

Building inspections can be scheduled by using the Inspection Scheduling function in DSC Online

Fire Inspections

Scheduling a Fire Inspection

To schedule a fire inspection on a building or fire permit, please contact the appropriate inspector according to area using the Fire Inspectors Area Guide (Map).  Fire inspections cannot be scheduled online using DSC Online or through our automated IVR phone system.

Project Closeout

Certificate of Occupancy Information

Temporary Certificate of Occupancy Information

A Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) may be available for certain projects.   The TCO requires ALL of the same inspections as a Certificate of Occupancy as well as additional fees and submittals.   For this reason do not look at the TCO as a short cut to occupying the structure. Click here for Temporary Certificate of Occupancy requirements and TCO Request Form.

Quality Assurance Agencies, Fabricators and Concrete Suppliers

The City of Henderson has an inter-local agreement with the Clark County Building Department for Quality Assurance Agencies, Fabricators & Concrete Suppliers. Any firm and/or individual providing these services for any project in the City of Henderson that requires compliance with these regulations must be on the current approved list.