Building And Fire Safety

Building and Fire Safety - About Us

The nationally IAS accredited Building and Fire Safety division of the Community Development and Services department issues permits, performs plans check and inspections for conformity to building codes.  The Building & Fire Safety staff provides assistance regarding fees, processing requirements, inspection inquiries and general building procedures. The division maintains address records of all building permits and documents by address for public record.

Office Hours

7:30 AM to 5:30 PM;
Monday through Thursday, excluding holidays.
Office is closed on Fridays but inspections still performed.

Inspections are performed from 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM; Monday through Friday. Click the Contact Us link for more information.

Purpose Statement

IAS AccreditedTo ensure safe and properly maintained buildings and properties for those who live, learn, work, and play in our community.

Contact Us

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Prior to calling, check our Common Questions page which may already have your answer.

Building & Fire Safety also has a number of online resources to assist you, are you looking to...

...find the proper forms and applications for permits?

...find standard design specifications?

...get status or history on existing permits online?

...schedule an inspection?

...use our Permit Fee Estimator?

...estimate how long the permit process will take using our Service Target Estimator?

(702) 267-3600
Use the City of Henderson feedback form to contact us online

Administration - (702) 267-3600; FAX (702) 267-3605

Building Inspections  (702) 267-3900; FAX (702) 267-3901

Building Plan Check (702) 267-3650; FAX (702) 267-3603

Fire Safety Inspections  (702) 267-3930; FAX (702) 267-3901

Fire Safety Engineering (702) 267-3630; FAX (702) 267-3603

Permitting (702) 267-3620; FAX(702) 267-3601

Office Locations
Building and Fire Safety is located in two separate offices.

Administration, Permit Applications and Building Plans Check and Fire Plans Check are located in City Hall at 240 Water Street.

Building and Fire Inspections are located at 2105 Moser.