Animal Control


Are you an animal lover? Would you like to work with and help the pets at the shelter? We take applications all the time, although we are not always actively recruiting for volunteers. If you submit an application, you will be contacted if there are volunteer positions available. If you have not been notified of volunteer positions and/or brought on board as a volunteer within 4 months of your initial application, you will need to reapply if you are still interested.

  • All volunteer applicants must be 18 years old or older.
  • To start the application process, fill out the online form. Your submission will be reviewed and you will be contacted by the volunteer coordinator.
Volunteer positions available at the Shelter:
Cat Caregiver Adoption Counselor Dog Adoption Counselor Dog Exerciser
Kennel Assistant Medical Sick Room Assistant Office Assistant
Offsite Cat Adoptions Caregiver Offsite Event Adoptions  

Volunteerism is a state of mind which urges us to move beyond the routine of our everyday lives to perceive a need and give of ourselves to accomplish a worthwhile task." - - Emerson.

Our volunteers are an important part of our daily operations. They are appreciated when they are here, at our Petsmart off-site adoption locations, and/or assisting with special events.  There are also volunteers "at large" doing good for us from home.  We notice quickly when volunteers cannot make it on an assigned day and miss their presence and assistance tremendously. We harbor enormous gratitude for all of their time, effort, energy, love, devotion, and dedication that they each give to the shelter, its animals, and staff.  It is truly appreciated by all of us (both human and animal)!  No matter what they are doing for the shelter, or how much time they are able to give, it is huge!