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Bee Safety

Bees only attack when they feel threatened. If you encounter a bee hive or a swarm of bees, simply walk away.

A swarm is hundreds of worker bees surrounding a queen, looking for a place to build a hive. A swarm may temporarily rest on a tree or building, and will move on in a day or two. A swarm is harmless and will not hurt you if left alone.

A hive is where bees live, store their honey (food) and raise their young. Bees will not hurt you if you leave their hive alone. Avoid loud activity near a hive that might agitate the bees, such as mowing the lawn and using power tools. Never attempt to remove a bee hive yourself. Contact a professional pest control company specializing in bee removal and relocation.

If you are attacked by bees, cover your face with your hands and run as quickly as you can in a straight line away from them. Take shelter inside a building or car. If you are stung, use a blunt object to scrape off stingers to stop venom from entering your body. Do not submerge in water as the bees will wait for you to surface for air. Waving your arms, swatting or screaming will further agitate the bees.

Henderson Fire and Police are not equipped to remove bee hives and swarms. Call 9-1-1 if bees are actively attacking or someone is having a medical reaction to a bee sting.

If you have a bee concern or problem, you can contact: Bee Removal Source  or
Nevada Pest Control Association Bee Hotline at (702) 385-5853.  
Have a pencil or pen at the ready because you will be given a list of local member pest control companies.  You will need to contact one of the listed companies for assistance.  Make sure you get pricing information as you will be responsible for paying for the services of one of these companies, if you have them come to your residence. 
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