Animal Control

Pet Licenses

City of Henderson ordinance requires dogs, cats, and ferrets four months or older to be spayed or neutered, except under specified circumstances. All pet owners residing in the City of Henderson had 120 days to comply with this ordinance that was passed by City Council on August 3, 2010. For further information contact us at (702) 267-4970.

Henderson Municipal Code pertaining to licenses reads as follows: Every person owning, keeping, harboring or possessing within the City, any dog, cat or ferret over the age of three (3) months, shall within thirty (30) days after said pet attains the age of three (3) months or with thirty (30) days after first bringing said pet into the City, obtain for said pet a current pet license.

You must have proof of a current rabies vaccine for your pet that does not expire within 6 months to obtain a pet license.

Where can I purchase a license for my pet?

Licenses may be purchased at the following locations:

City of Henderson Animal Care and Control

300 E. Galleria Dr.
Henderson, NV 89011
(702) 267-4970

Henderson City Hall
Finance Department

240 Water St
(702) 267-1787
Citizens can go to the cashier's office in the Finance Department to obtain a license only if the pet they are licensing is spayed or neutered.

How much does a pet license cost?

Animals that are not spayed or neutered the fee is $25.00, The pet must be microchipped and also have a Breeder Permit.
Animals that are spayed or neutered the fee is $10.00

The City of Henderson offers a half-price discount for senior citizens. Please be sure and ask for your discount if applicable.